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Katie has always had a unique ability to connect soul-to-soul with everyone she meets.  She is an Advanced Crystal Healer, Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive Soul Coaching with Past Life Regression and Soul Progression to boot. She offers her clients healing through powerful energy work such as Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Guided Meditation, Sound Healing and Crystal Healing Sessions.

People are drawn to how safe they feel in her presence, and she is known to help others remember their inner joy with her intuitive mentoring sessions and the deep inner healing work and courses that she offers. A session with Katie includes her Crystal Infused Enlightened Remedies Body & Soul Care Products such as: Chakra Aura Sprays, and her Purifying Positivity Spray. She also makes Crystal Infused lotions, massage oils, anointing oils for ceremony and meditation, perfumes from Maui grown flowers, and lip balms, just name a few.

Katie has always had a passion for purity in what she puts in and on her body. She has been making her own body/skin products with natural, high quality ingredients for many years. As she studied the healing properties of crystals and essential oils, she began to infuse her products with them! Her passions eventually came together and transformed into a thriving business, Solaris Rising featuring “Enlightened Remedies”, that keep many people healthy, happy and feeling radiant. Katie is incredibly intuitive and will CUSTOMIZE Crystal infused products upon request. Her unique products make great gifts too!


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Ray is a kind, driven and passionate Certified Professional Coach who teaches through his demonstration. He has consciously created the life of his dreams through a decade of focused work in the personal development industry. He is a Multiple Life Transformation course graduate and a Motivational Speaker. He is always learning and growing, and is currently working toward obtaining his Master Coaching Certification. Ray has built numerous successful businesses from the ground up and helped hundreds of individuals and couples transform their lives, and his track record proves that he is not afraid to make his visions a reality. Being around him is inspiring, and his enthusiasm for life is contagious!

Ray coaches clients regarding their career and/or their every-day life. He has a lot of life experience that allows him to relate with others on many levels. He realizes how powerful the mind is, and is committed to helping others heal their lives on multiple levels through the power of shifting the mindset.

Consulting Ray when setting up a new business or making the decision to change your life for the better would be valuable, and his passion will help drive you where you want to go. He’s honest, hardworking, and loves to see others succeed. He will make sure you feel capable and excited to live the life of your dreams….. So be sure to dream big!

SOLARIS RISING was born through the marriage of Katie’s passion for creating healing products and helping others through energy healing, and Ray’s passion for creating businesses and helping individuals understand the power of the mind in the healing of ones self. Together they work synergistically and are able to offer these healing products and services to the masses!  Every product and healing session is infused with love and pure intention.  Special customized orders and services are taken upon request, and there are always new products and events being created so please continue to join us on this exciting journey!


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