Guiding you to the joy within and without, with Peace, Love, and Understanding.

Card of the Day ~ August 22nd 2017


“The Lunar Path” 

Master Crystal Deva Argen-tel-m


If Silver has come to you today it is time to activate and harmonize the Goddess self. She lives in you as your most feminine component and is seeking a pathway of new expression. Take time to feel and balance your emotional body and be sure to verbally express what is found there in a forgiving and compassionate manner. You may need to accept the closure of some cycles and birth new ones, an active emotional body is a good base for action that changes lives. Drink plenty of pure water for the next few days. Silvers presence often means total cleanup of your system. Silver is also the first energy to present when a soul is readying to incarnate, this card should always be seen as a symbol of feminine fertility and the fact that a little souls is ready. This is a sacred mineral of Isis and the Lady Nada, seek them, they are close by.

Affirmation: “I walk the path of the Moon, it’s cycle is my emotional freedom.”


Well isn’t that just perfect to follow this solar eclipse and new moon we just experienced. I have heard from many of you comments in regards to experiencing headaches, tiredness, soreness, dizziness, achy and etc. Although the Eclipse is passed, the energy is still with us and will be for quiet some time. Coupled with the new moon we witnessed, this encourages us to go inward, reflect upon our innermost depths and shine light on the parts of ourselves that are ready to break wide open, ready to be set free. In order to do this, we may need to detoxify. We can do this in several ways, and if you are experiencing physical conditions I highly encourage you ask your healthcare provider about healthy detoxing and a supportive diet the coming days and weeks. Our spirits are asking us to purge all substances, habits, and thoughts that keep us weighed down, keep us living small and afraid of shining our brightest…

To top it off, this also confirms for me that the Divine Feminine is officially in reign. She is here! She is in each and every one of us, always has been but now we are freed from the dominance of the masculine energy. This discomfort you may be experiencing could be a result to the imbalance within of the divine masculine and divine feminine. If this resonates, know that you can call on her at any given time to comfort you, support you, guide you and heal you. The Divine Masculine is here to support us as well, to Father our Souls, tend to our wounds and teach us through physical experiences. You can call on both Divine Father and Divine Mother to co-create this harmony within the self, which will ripple out into your personal lives and continue to serve in your communities. This is how we can heal the world. Through self care and restoration of the balance between yin/yang, masculine/feminine within the self, and so to appear in the exterior world.

Thank you so much for your love and support, I hope you enjoyed todays reading. If so, please give a like and share it with your loved ones.

May you tap into the courage within you to break free from that which you are ready to release, integrate the lessons that give you the fire in your belly to pursue your happiness, and awaken to the beauty of the duality in all of us.

With Gratitude & Grace,

Katie ♥

Card of the Day ~ August 21st 2017 ~ Total Solar Eclipse ~ New Moon ~ Leo


I honestly didn’t think we could get a better card for this major attraction we are experiencing today…after yesterdays pull, how could the Devas possibly beat that, right?! Wrong! I am humbled and I am so incredibly GRATEFUL for the lesson in humility and TRUSTING in these Angelic Crystalline Beings who are here to serve us and share there wisdom with us, we only need but ask. And so today, the message they give us is through the lessons and love from:


Oh. My. Goddess! I made sure to do an extra clearing on my deck, I clear my energy, grounded into mother earth, called her in as well as father sky, the sun and moon… I shuffled the deck while asking the devas to come forth with the energy and message they wanted to deliver to us today and this card came jumping out and landed at my feet! Instant tears as I read the card and knew! I knew to humble myself and instantly found deep gratitude for their comfort and guidance…I trust that you will find their peaceful message useful in your life as well… so without further ado…


Black Coral

“Light in the Darkness”

Master Crystal Deva Ke-ma-el


“Black coral is a stone of hope. In coming to you today, she reminds us that no matter how dark we perceive the world to be, there is always light hidden within it. Everything in the Universe is Light or Love until it is tainted by the perception of man. Black Coral lets you know that the New World of Light starts with You. Your perception simply has to move to see fear as a lack of understanding, rather than a substance like a brick wall in growth. For whatever reason in life, often we disempower ourselves; this lack of faith in self is the first step away from Love and often leads to a dark place. Choose carefully in the coming days. See Light in the darkness and you will be set free. A fear of the dark IS a Love of the Light, make a choice to understand that fear is an illusion, one we  we can live life without.”


Affirmation~  “In Love I am Free”

~Taken from the Liquid Crystals Oracle Deck


So as you can see, there is no reason to fear, for the fear of darkness Is truly a Love for the Light! A shift in perception will serve us all from releasing the ties that bind us to our fears and truly accepting and embracing all of it in its entirety. What a beautiful reminder. We are so guided, supported and protected in every step we take. Remember your heart, shift the eyes to see the Light in all things, even the places we may feel are not serving us actually serve their purpose too. In gratitude for all of our aspects of humanity we can set ourselves free!

Make it a magnificent, magical MANIFEST IT Monday, soul tribe! We are all in this together, and together we rise!

With SO much LOVE and LIGHT,

Katie ♥


P.S. I don’t own any black coral, but you bet your cutie patootie that I’ll be investing in some very soon. Stay tuned! And until then, here is a gorgeous specimen to gaze your eyes on. We can tap into the energy of a stone through imagery too, if it is not available to us first hand. InJoy! <3

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Card of the Day ~ August 20th 2017

Today is a special reading. I explain below how I ended up with 3 cards. Three cards that truly support us through this beautiful time. InJOY, I share with you…



Ra, Light Radiance

Master Crystal Deva Ra-ba-el

 Sunstone has come to you today. The light of the Sun is about to ignite your life, increasing your vital force, expanding your frequency and infusing you with the joy only the Sun can deliver. The coming days are bound to be positive and flowing, but it is important to not block the potential the frequency carries with negativity and pessimism, for Sunstone will then explode into healing mode and you will wonder what hit you. Optimism is a key word where Sunstone is concerned and it is possible that you are having your share of rough days at the moment. Sunstone has come to fill a role as your personal Sun, showering positive light into your world and lightening the load. Sunstone can also open the voice and purpose of ones Soul, so listen in a state of potential action, for with frequencies such as this, swiftness is key.

If you are searching for an answer to a question, Sunstone is one of the most positive responses that you could hope for, it screams “Yes, yes, YES!” at you. All you need to do now with your new vitality, is spring into action. Are you still reading this?! Go, do it! Now!


Affirmation: “I am Radiant Light, behold my Vitality!”


Blue Lace Agate

“Calm Expression”

Master Crystal Deva Mer-ra-el

If Blue Lace Agate comes to you today, tread lightly, and gently in all matters, for she only comes to those who must take the path of calm truth-filled peaceful expression. All matters and courses of action are best approached from a truthful space where the wisdom and logic of Air can be blended with the emotion and fluidity of Water. Blue Lace Agate appears only when there is too much fire in expression, or the possibility of it. Her message is: Take time, breathe and then take action with an open heart. Determining the difference between action and reaction is her playground. You have been asked to look at this within yourself. For one who takes action with love and joy, this stone is as endless as the blue skies where the clouds dance, but for those who would react with fire, she warns of the inevitable, ever-breaking wave of emotion, increasingly turbulent the more it is ignored. Open your heart, and THEN open your mouth. Blue Lace Agate tell us the world is ready to hear what you have to say.


Affirmation~ “I Am the Voice of Calm Expression”



“Mother Goddess”

Master Crystal Deva Lunlael

The Goddess is at your door, it is time to open your heart and feel. Moonstone comes to us when is it time to feel and truthfully open the door to our emotional self. Many of us believe we already do this, but living in a constant emotional state is not true feeling, as it holds no mastery, discipline or understanding. Moonstone asks you to sit and feel, just sit. Don’t label, think, act or react, just feel. By doing this, one gains the ability to experience the cyclic nature of the world. Just as things arise, so they fall away and we are able to surrender and be happy without attachment. This is the path of the Goddess and only those that embrace is may wear the Luna Crest. Remember a feeling is only a feeling while it is felt and experienced, once it is recognized by the mind it is a thought.

Spend some time around the ocean is possible in the coming days, call and ask the Lady of the Lake to be by your side, see her rise up and stone with you, she is always waiting and will help at this time in your life.


Affirmation~ “Mother Goddess embraced, I am emotion realized.”


~Taken from the Liquid Crystals Oracle Deck



Can I just say WOW?!

I am so grateful for the messages these brilliant Devas are sharing with us at this very special time in our lives. As we prepare for this monumental sight to see, known as the total solar eclipse, happening with a total lunar eclipse, while the sun and moon are in both in Leo, I felt this message to my core! And with Blue Lace Agate showing up in the midst of it, I truly believe this is telling us: Speak! Share! But of course, after, we really take the time to sit with our feelings, acknowledging our emotions and honoring our truth within each of us very collectively as well as deeply intimately, it is then that we must to take action!

I have to share with you, I pulled the first two cards on Friday, for today. Sunstone was the card I pulled and Blue Lace Agate fell out with it. I put them aside to write this up later. I decided today I would pull again, being IN the energy of today just to see what what come out and it was Moonstone. When I shuffle these cards for a ‘card of the day’ reading, I am asking the Crystal Devas what messages they want to share with the collective at this time, I, in no way manipulated this pull, and how beautiful is this reading?! I just had to share all 3 cards, they all are so fitting for this eve of such an extraordinary event.

I am so very excited to witness and experience this Celestial event. How will you be spending your evening in preparation? Remember it is a new moon as well! Its a wonderful time to let go, let God, and manifest your greatest reality. I encourage you to take the time to be still, listen, feel, and write the thoughts and feelings that come to you down. The ones you want to keep, place under a Clear Quartz Crystal. Moonstone, Sunstone, and even Blue Lace Agate are helpful as well, which ever speaks to you deeply. The thoughts and habits you want to release? Burn them in a fire, releasing them to the ethers to take care of for you. Then take a moment to sit back and be still in gratitude and trust. Spend some time really feeling and visualizing your goals being met. Then, take actions steps toward your goals. Every day, inch by inch, step by step, trust in your Higher Self and in the Divine. You will reap your rewards with this practice.

I’d love to hear from you and how you plan to spend your day, plans for release and action below! Thank you so much for walking on this path with me, I am so incredibly grateful and honored to share with you.

  May you find the courage, strength, stillness and answers from Source… from self! And may you co-create the life you’ve dreamed of with purpose filled grace in action.

Namaste, my brothers and sisters,

Katie ♥


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Card of the Day ~ August 19th 2017



Master Crystal Deva Ba-ka-el


If bloodstone has come to you today, it is possible that your heart is just not in your physical activities, allowing life to become boring and one paced. Bloodstone, the Stone of Purification, signal renewal, revitalization and healing, leading to the re-establishment of your spirit as your guiding light towards life purpose. for you this means change and a new way, but first there must be a period of purification and clearing. Drink lots of water and eat as cleanly as possible while Bloodstone does her work.

A new you is to about to be born. Remember that before the Caterpillar can see the light and fly as the glorious Butterfly, it is restricted, attached and blinded in its self created physical cocoon.


Affirmation ~ “I am Pure, spirit is my Guide.”


~ Taken from the Liquid Crystal Oracle Deck

Crystal Essence of Bloodstone available here, and other Bloodstone infused products as well here.


Bloodstone has been a wonderful choice in my own personal practice for grounding down ideas, manifesting goals, and staying tethered to my body in difficult times when I want to flee. As well, Bloodstone is known to assist with purifying the blood, stabilizing the circulatory system and helpful in creating initiation toward the first steps of ascension. It is also the stone of Ma’at, the Egyptian Goddess who is the Daughter of Ra, the Sun God and represents Truth, Justice, Balance and Morality.  What are you seeking more truth within? The answers you seek are within you and cleansing your body will help you become a clearer channel of these messages that Spirit is wanting to convey to you. Where may you be seeking justice, balance and morality? I imagine we are all seeking this in our societal and our governmental systems. A cleansing in this category of our lives would greatly benefit not only our country but our world. It really starts within, this journey of balance when acquired on the inside will reflect in the outside world, inevitably creating a ripple effect. This does take some time, deep thought & feeling for healing, reflection. Taking ownership of our wounds and holding compassion upon ourselves and for others is a great place to start. A more compassionate service driven world is just the beginning of what we can gain from this internal purification process. Be gentle with yourself. What are your thoughts or ideas on how we can cultivate more joy in our inner and external worlds? What things can you cut out to make room for the new to enter? I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings below.

Thank you for sharing and may you find the courage to purge that which no longer serves you, making way for the new, the light, and truth of your essence to shine.


In gratitude, 

Katie ♥

Card of the Day ~ August 18th 2017


“Manifestation of Purpose”

The Master Crystal Deva Galandel

The energy of this stone gives purpose to all things and has not come into your life to correct, turn around, or heal your current surrounds, but simply to deliver the purpose behind them. In life, we all undertake tasks that at the time seem perfect, then as time progresses, we learn and realize they may not be for us and should be released. Garnet is letting you know there is a reason behind all of your choices and soon it will be known. However, no matter how tough the path, never surrender until you know why you began the journey. For if you turn your back too early, there is great possibility you will just recreate the same picture with different paints. Garnet asks us to filter all that we will do through our hearts, as it is there that the voice of truth echoes in the Souls hall of purpose and manifests our path in the world. Listen to your heart speak, for between the words is hidden the glory or the Universe. Garnet especially applies to creativity, sexuality, relationships, work, diet, children and other sacral and base chakra activities. You are about to understand your life at a deeper level. Meditate and find space to see all that you are.


Affirmation ~ “I Manifest my Purpose with Love as my Guide”


~Taken from Liquid Crystal Oracle Deck


How perfect is this card for today? So on point, this card literally jumped out and landed in from of me, clearly the Devas are wanting to communicate to us, it is time!

I want to share on a more personal level that Garnet has been a wonderful stone for me to ground in my purpose filled life, along with assisting me to stay present, grounded and in my creative center. Garnet is a beautiful, strong stone that I feel helps us to harness, or ground down the divine feminine energies that we are currently tapping into to helps shape shift this paradigm we are building, as well as equalize the yin/yang in our own vessel. What a perfect stone for the energy we are experiencing today. I encourage you to incorporate this into your daily self care regimen, meditation, crystal grid or sacred space. I feel pretty blessed to have granite counter tops in my home that have quartz and garnet in them, I have honestly considered laying on them for meditation! I just may now that the kids are back in school 😀

Thank you, so much!


Katie ♥


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Card Of the Day ~ August 17th 2017

Clear Calcite 

“Universal Mind”

The Master Deva Kel-el

Your Healing Journey Today:


If Clear Calcite comes your way, you are about to or have entered a space of mental transition, a new modality, pathway of learning or project. Clear Calcite has come to help with the inevitable fears that arise at this important structural time change. The energy of clear calcite around you will prevent the mental fragmentation and scattering that could weaken the project. This stone can also present when one has been ignoring their path in the world, not taking risks, instead playing by the rules that others have already written. You are being asked in this case to embrace Universal Mind, have trust and enter the uncharted waters of true creation with integrity. In most cases, to receive the gift of Clear Calcite is to receive your wisdom of other life times. Clear Calcite is also a sign that the Third Initiation on the pathway to Ascension has been entered into or completed, Mental Mastery.


Affirmation;- “I embrace Universal Mind”


-Taken from Liquid Crystal Oracle Deck


I don’t think I can quite express just how perfectly times this message is… How does this resonate with you? Where do you see more clarity needed or being addressed in your personal world? How can you find some expansion to harness the universal mindset? Great card for these times we are facing, isn’t it? Any other questions or “Aha’s!” come up for you? Please feel free to share below!

To further entrain with Clear Calcite, we offer Clear Calcite Tincture here. Try it out, and entrain on a cellular level with this crystal medicine. <3




Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz


Known for its programmability and amplification qualities, Rutilated Quartz  gets part of this ability from its Quartz base, belonging to the trigonal system, and then accelerated by its rutiles, which belong to the tetragonal system. These rutiles which look like fine metallic hairs or needles, consist of titanium oxide and can be a gold, silver or copper color.

Rutilated Quartz is a synergistic combination, like I mentioned above, bringing together the attunement and amplification, the acceleration comes from the rutiles, combined with the multiplication of energy provided by the Clear Quarts that hosts these rutiles, OR sometimes the grounding and strengthening influence when found in Smoky Quartz.

Depending on your personal desire of intensity and outcome, either Clear Quartz, or Smoky Quartz may be a better choice for you….

Rutilated Quartz in general simple has a POW-ZING to its energy, it feels almost electrifying.

  • The Smoky Quartz specimen may be better for those looking for a less heady and intense experience as it is more grounding and also tends to assist with grounding in the intention one holds more further into the physical plane.
  • The Clear Quartz option helps more for connecting to above, guides, angels and communicating more clearly.

Regardless of whichever you choose to work with, Rutilated Quartz is a programmable stone, thank you to its Quartz base. It can be used to magnify any intention or affirmation. It activates the higher mind, assisting one in gaining information and knowledge from the spirit realms. It can help one to maintain mental focus and clarity and assist with follow through on ideas and plans. Rutilated Quartz is also known for assisting one in releasing blockages to health and abundance, receive divine inspiration, and enhance intuitive abilities. Rutilated Quartz will help one to work on the etheric blueprint level of consciousness to heal blockages, tears, or obstructions in the energy body before they manifest in the physical body.

I recommend utilizing Rutilated Quartz when creating any kind of visualization tool – vision boards, new moon plates, affirmative statements, creative visualization during meditation and so on… It is wonderful to add to your crystal grids for acceleration of that which is the desired outcome. But pay mind to the fact that this stone will usually bring it swiftly, so be very clear and precise. It is so important. But truth be told, we can always choose again, so if one does manifest something that isn’t quite what they had in mind – just clear the program, get more specific in your intentions, and try again. Best of luck to you in all of your manifesting journeys.

With so much love and Aloha,

Katie Wise ACM, Reiki Master/Teacher



I have been seeing pictures of Rhodochrosite every where this week, so naturally I decided to grab my favorite piece to work with. This led me to the choice for the Crystal of the Week. There are so many crystals to choose from, seriously, sometimes its a challenge to make a decision of which to share next! So I love looking for signs from the Universe that guide me to creating these posts. This is part of why I don’t have a specific day I share the crystal of the week, but hey, the thought just occurred to me that maybe if a set a specific time, the Universe will provide. Because the universe ALWAYS provides! I’ll do my best to keep it Thursdays, hows that sound? 😉


I had my first experience with Rhodochrosite about a year ago when planning for a retreat I was attending. I was asked to create a bath salt, aura spray and a lip balm for this women’s retreat, all infused with my crystal essences, of course. I also was commissioned to come up with crystals to incorporate into a crystal grid for all the attendees, specifically geared toward harnessing the divine feminine powers within, and assisting in releasing any blockages one may incur in doing this work. During discussion with the retreat leader, she and I narrowed down, out of the 1000’s of crystal choices, those that best served the  women attending in stepping into their innate powers, and connecting with the divine feminine. Rhodochrosite is pricey penny, so purchasing a dozen for each sister was unfortunately not an option for the grid work, but I have the essence, which works fabulously in bath salts and product making. So, of course I wanted to get a little more intimate with this crystal ally. Upon connecting with it, I felt a warm sense of calm, combined with genuine love that resembled that of the descriptions of qualities the divine feminine exudes: Peace, comfort, love, protection, acceptance, a home like feeling. Like what it feels like to be wrapped in a warm cozy blanket and held by a sweet loving mother. Yeah, I got all that! It blew me away, and brought tears to my eyes. Now let me remind you that everyones experience with a particular crystal will vary slightly. Crystals work with us individually, on our own specific needs, but are geared to work in general categories of human necessities, just like essential oils. With that said, let me share with you some of the qualities and ailments this beautiful crystal can assist with.




As you may know, pink is the color-expression of love, virtually all pink stones have energies that relate to this central theme. In the case with Rhodochrosite, the love is geared first toward the self, specifically for the purpose of emotional healing. It assists us in doing the necessary work of recovery, reliving, and releasing the memories of ones emotional woundings. If there were moments in infancy, childhood or even past lives in which experiencing physical or emotional violence, severe shaming, or was otherwise thrown into a traumatizing emotional situation, the result can be a fixation of a portion of ones life-force energies at that point in time. In unreasoning panic, motivated by rational or irrational fear that ones survival is threatened, a person may make drastic compromises for survivals sake. Inner gifts, talents or contracts may be abandoned, repressed, or forgotten in an attempt to comply with the immediate demands of the outer situation. In addition to these direct losses, the energy it takes to keep the memories repressed can cause a serious drain on ones vitality.


Rhodochrosite works vibrationally to support self healing in these important areas. In meditation, or shamanic journeying, it can assist one in moving back in time for the recovering and reliving of the lost memories in order to releasing them for healing to truly begin. It can be used with affirmations or other rituals to release the memory and recover the energy that had been bound in this fixation or depleted. In some cases, certain traits or gifts can be remembered and brought back the into realm of the conscious self. Thus we find that ones gifts – that which makes us special and unique – may have been the very target of the wounds through which one lost touch with themselves. The healing of these types of wounds may be the most important inner process in ones life, because it allows one to reclaim the self one was born to be! Through its vibration of self-love and compassion for ones inner child, Rhodochrosite can be a valuable ally in such work.


Geared toward the heart chakra and solar plexus, Rhodochrosite softens the reliving of harsh experiences so that we may find the confidence to reclaim our inner power. I feel that in this doing, it also is working with the root chakra, healing the past wounds of our ancestors and family wounds that may have been passed on through our lineage. Rhodochrosite helps us to find the beauty in the darkest of situations we may once lived, and have not wanted to revisit, but gives us the courage to see through the pain and find the gifts that lie beneath the surface in the shadow self. When doing shadow work, it is vital that one sees the ultimate goal for doing such work is to find the golden nugget or keys to self mastery that wait for our recovery. These golden nuggets, or gifts that we all have uniquely, are part of our souls journey, and in bringing them to the light, we can then see that the darkness was merely the path way to our greatest expression of ourselves. I feel this actuality helps us to see that we must not fear the darkness, or the shadows with in us, but embrace them! They are that which drives us to our souls purpose. It is merely a rediscovery of the truths that were once buried within you. Rhodochrosite is also an excellent stone to use during soul retrieval and shamanic work. 


What an incredibly kind, wise and compassionate ally Rhodochrosite is. I encourage all of you to consider taking a deeper look with in the shadows of your soul. Within those shadows lies the greatest gifts that are innately yours to keep. It is not easy work, nor is it clean, it’s quite messy- full of tears, and fears, and doubts…but what is on the other side of our fears is nothing but our greatest peace, our greatest joy, right? Working with Rhodochrosite will soften the blows, holding you safe and close to the divine feminine essence that is so kind, so comforting, compassionate and warm. It is safe to dive deep in the arms of Rhodochrosite. Allow yourself the rewards of this vital work. And self care, self care, self care! With the element of fire and water, Rhodochrosite puts the fire in your belly, giving you the gumption to face the inner demons, and the water element to cool and soothe your senses so that one may not feel defeated in this deep work. I hope you find the golden nuggets that lie deep within your beautiful souls. There is no greater joy in life than that which comes from the power of living in your truth, with all its entirety. May she light the pathway for your heart to shine its brightest. You can purchase Rhodochrosite tinctures here to entrain more fully and deeply. Our Divine Goddess WithIN line is infused with this crystal energy as well, or there is always the option of a customized product just for you available.

Namaste my friends, Aloha, and so much sweetness to you all. Thank you <3


Katie Wise ACM/Reiki Master/Teacher 



                Earlier this morning I was contemplating which crystal to choose for this week. I thought maybe I would ask my Facebook family again, or go with one from a previous request… Then I saw a whole box of them sitting on my table, just waiting to be reorganized back into their appropriate home space. I have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to put them back yet after making crystal essences. I guess I’m a little embarrassed admitting that, but hey, I’m a mom, soon-to-be wife planning a wedding and a business owner, so yeah… I’m a busy lady, and it’s not on the top of the list. Anyway, so I looked at the box and decided I would just stick my hand in and do a random “drawing”, hey, why not?! 😀 


And the winner IS! …


I was actually pretty excited about pulling Danburite because it is such a lovely stone not many know about, but also because it really resonated with what I was needing at the moment. I love how that always seems to happen, I need something, the universe responds. Aren’t we so blessed?! Even more delighted that I started entraining with its energy instantly! I walked around the house gathering, my supplies to finally sit down and type this blog. As I walked around, maybe a few minutes went by, with Danburite in my left hand… I felt the slow but steady current of relaxation wash over me, from my hand, all the way up my arm, shoulders and to my heart where I let out a sigh of ‘ahhh’. What a wonderfully relieving sensation. Seriously, the last few days/weeks have been super busy. Let me just say I’m not complaining one bit, in fact I’m GRATEFUL  but with the extra work and study I have found myself a little tense. This is normal, right? When we have goals to meet, deadlines, bills, kids, jobs, families…LIFE, we experience stress and tension from time to time, it’s just part of being human. I admit my self care has taken a back burner this week, too. But Danburite reminded me quickly just how much self care is not only needed but IT”S A MUST!

So anyway, enough about me, lets talk more about Danburite!

Danburite gets it name from the place of original discovery in Danbury, Connecticut. It physically takes on the shape belonging to the orthorhombic and prismatic family, has a hardness of 7 to 7.5 and are generally 4 sided with terminations that are chisel shaped. It has lineal striations that run parallel to the length of the crystal and can be found in light yellow or pale pink, but more commonly is found in the colorless or white variation.

Danburite carries the frequency of angelic communication and celebration of the Divine Source. Anyone who really wants to spiritually evolve would highly benefit from working with this stone. It is an excellent stone for those who need to release stress and worry. It soothes the heart and sends the message that all is well, as it has a way of calming the mind of chatter. In this fact it also makes it a wonderful stone for people with insomnia, anxiety, depression, or who just get ‘stuck in their head’.

Danburite works with the Heart, Crown and above chakras, and it has even been known to stimulate the 3rd eye. It encourages communication with beings and facilitates communication of knowledge of information from these beings during meditation. It is an excellent stone for communicating with Angelic entities and energies. This is explains the swoosh of love I felt once connecting with Danburite, as it encourages resonance with the Divine heart and the manifestation of high frequency energy through the body.

Danburite soothes the emotional body bringing, in a frequency of comfort – like Angels to the rescue! It can help one release grief, intense fear and anxiety, resentment or even anger. It also can bring a more positive and optimistic outlook for those who may be physically ill, which can help to facilitate a swift recovery.

In conclusion I share that Danburite is a wonderful tool to keep near by for those moments of stress where one may need their  angels to remind them of the support that is truly available to us, even anxiously waiting to assist us from the other side of the veil. Let this crystal be the key that unlocks the doors that you may have even forgotten existed for you to access, bring peace and love from above, and support you through your journey. I recommend holding this one in your hand, laying it on your third eye center, or forehead, and entraining with a tincture would be a lovely addition to remind every cell of your body that the angels are with you, you are deeply supported, provided for, and its really all going to be ok.

May the crystal family remind you of the light that exists with in you.

Many crystal blessing and Mahalo,

Katie Wise ACM/Reiki Master/Teacher


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