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Crystals to help you SLEEP.

There is nothing worse than tossing and turning in bed when you just want a little shut eye. It can be frustrating and down right maddening when your mind just won’t seem to shut off. I have had these nights before, and I tell you, it’s enough to make a grown man cry, sleep deprivation is no joke. It reeks havoc on our bodies and on our minds! There have been numerous studies on the effects of sleep or lack there of. One study shares that lack of sleep can cause hallucinations, poor judgment, and a quickness to anger. Not only that, sleep deprivation causes our immune systems to weaken, our bodies to show rapid signs of aging, even our hair can fall out. Clearly this is just not a good thing.

We have lots of resources available to us to assist in catching more zzz’s including essential oils, herbal teas and supplements. Even cutting down on our screen time in the evenings can greatly reduce problematic sleeping patterns. Meditation is a wonderful  practice to incorporate into your routine. The allowing of thoughts to float by, like the clouds drift in the sky. This has been quite a helpful practice for myself personally and one that has minimized my sleep issues almost completely. But occasionally I still have those nights where I just can’t count enough sheep, or chant enough sanskrit, and I turn to my crystals. In fact, incorporating crystals has deepened my meditation practice, sharpened my manifesting, and overall improved my health! I’m sure you have learned by now that this is one of my favorite alternatives to health, assistance with sleep, relaxation, head aches, fears, mental blockages and just about any other human limitation or challenge. Working with the crystals, I find that I get exactly what I need and its easy. The first thing I did was create a crystal grid in my bedroom. If you are not sure what a crystal grid is, let me share the definition with you:

‘A crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals on a specific geometric shape that focuses the Universal Life Force in a particular way for a particular purpose. The longer answer is: A crystal grid is a predefined set of multiple crystals arranged in a harmonic sacred geometric relationship.’

I will go into more details about crystal grids later this week, but for now I hope this gives you an idea. The crystals I use for sound sleeping in my bedroom are as follows:

Lithium Quartz: 

Lithium Quartz works wonders on stress, anxiety, or an overactive nervous system. It calming energies, soothes the body and mind allowing you to breathe deeper, release tension, and calm the minds chatter. It brings a sense of inner peace, releases negative attachments, harmonizes relationships, liberates from stress, and clears the aura.  This stone can also create an awakening to your higher self, which is wonderful while meditating and during our dream time. It carries the element of water, soothing your energy like gentle waves of the ocean and works with all chakras. Lithium Quartz is a silicon dioxide mineral with a hardness of 7, occurring as a prismatic quartz crystal with inclusions of lavender or pinkish grey material. The included material is lithium bearing, which explains the name.

Upon the first touch, Lithium Quartz can have the effects of a heart opening, a gentle yet powerful energy running through the body causing a wave of pleasant euphoria, literally melting away any fiery anxious energy. In the next moment you may feel the third eye opening, stimulating a rhythmic pulsation of positivity flowing into the mindset. It can and will enhance the depth of your meditation practice, as well as activate any chakra you place it on and in a safe manner, powerfully yet gently. Lithium Quartz can benefit those seeking to create harmony in their relationships, from friends to family and more intimate partnership. Placed under both partners pillows, it will enhance both intimacy and passion. Overall this stone is an excellent choice to place in the bedroom for a many perks, including a good nights sleep.


Selenite is a great addition to your sleeping quarters. Not only is it a protective stone, I keep mine in the window sill, but it also is a stone that attracts angelic peacefulness. Having a softening energy, it can be quite beneficial with physical and emotional body pain. Particularly, it can help with bone and joint pain, I highly recommend anyone with arthritis or back pain to slip one of these babies under their bed. Selenite also stimulated to third eye and crown chakra, clears away any negative thoughts or feelings in this area, and protects the aura. It can be used in spiritual activation, or communion with the higher self. It works with the element of Air, creating a calmness like a  gentle breeze.

Selenite is a hydrous calcium with a hardness of 2, it is very flaky and soft, so be mindfulness when handling it. It is from the gypsum family and is called Selenite if it is relatively clear and well formed. It is typically tabular, with striations running along the length, and it is quite lovely. You can place a Selenite wand onto your back, following the length of the spine, to achieve energetic alignment of the vertebrae and the chakras as well. Selenite aids one in clearing or bridging blockages and densities in the energetic body, stimulating physical healing. It can blend and amplify other stones it is put to use with in a grid formation. Placing along each wall in your room, in the window and under the bed is wonderful sound sleep grid.

And last but definitely not least, I share with you


Much like Lithium Quartz, Lepidolite has a similar effect on the body and mind. It is a potassium lithium aluminum silicate with a hardness of 2.5/3. It is from the monoclinic crystal system, flaky like mica, or fools gold. Most often found in a purple, lavender and sometimes pinkish gray, sometimes even white. It is the most effective in calming frayed nerves, helping one to release stress and worry and setting one on the path of willing acceptance. It does its finest work in our lives when we are facing deep challenging experiences, may it be angry or rude people, financial woes, loss of job or relationship, or the need to make major changes in ones life. Lepidolite brings calm to the storm, providing an energy of enlightenment to keep one steady on their path and purpose. It encourages one to respond to hostility without becoming defensive or putting up guards. It can enhance physical grace as well, for those who may feel clumsy in life challenging moments.

Lepidolite creates balance in the emotional and mental body, it activates the heart chakra and works with all chakras including the third eye. Sharing the element of water much like Lithium Quartz, it soothes and cools the system and brings a warmth to the soul. It can lend a hand in slowing the mind down enough to be able to ‘stop and smell the roses’ so to speak. Adding this to your sleep regimen will highly increase your chances of a solid nights sleep and even improve your ability to find peace through out your day.

So there you have it. Lithium Quartz, Selenite, and Lepidolite. Yummy, restful sleep, and calmer nerves through out the day! Who doesn’t want that?! There are, of course, many other crystal options for sleep and rest support including Rose Quartz, Sodalite, Green Calcite and Amethyst, to name a few. Find what works for you, and go with that! I have tinctures available to you as well. Taking a tincture helps you to entrain with the medicine the stone has to offer: on a CELLULAR LEVEL! This acts as an assistant to the process of deprogramming and reprogramming the conscious and/or unconscious mind/body, lending a huge helping hand in improving our actions and/or reactions to life. If you’re not sure where to start, these three above are a few of  my personal go to’s. I hope you enjoyed this and find it helpful. May you catch up on your zzz’s with the greatest of crystal ease. And as always, I’m here if you have any questions. Thank you!

With lots of Love & Light,

Katie Wise ACM


‘Dear one,

Awaken to your Internal Wisdom.

The Wisdom through out the ages that has been shared with you by none other than

that of the Sun. Gratitude! Be it given to the

Source all Light and Creation.

 I have always shared my Light with you without question and without compromise.

I am of the Source of Radiant Light.

Feel my warm vitality and vigor.

I carry the Spark of Life through doorways of emptiness, heartache, pain and

illusion. Life and Joy reside due to My Illumination.

Lie back in the blazing Sun, let its Light bathe you in its warm and passionate rays. Breathe this into every cell of your body and

choose LIFE. Now send this energy forward and conquer your challenges and goals effortlessly. These are some of My gifts.

My Radiant Solar Light will lift you up, it is the Star to behold, your life force energy, refilled. With Me it is Summer all year.

There is only Radiance of My Loving Light! Express it with Joy and Smile, We are One.

Hold now the sacred YES,

know your path and together we will offer it back to aid the messengers RISE of Wisdom, into Humanity’s Embrace.’


If you listen closely…

This is what Sunstone says to us…

Today while plugging away, doing my thing, this stone came across my mind, vision and even physical space.

I was so busy I wasn’t really listening to the message that was apparently being shared with me. Once I sat down

and tapped into my guides to ask which stone I should share with you this week, there it was, smack dab in my face.


It’s funny, because I saw and heard

Sunstone” several times today, but I wasn’t looking for any answers, that I knew of, at the time. And of course, once

I DID sit in silence, take a deep breath and slip into that space, there it was again. So what I thought was somewhat

random at the time made loads of sense to me in an instant and I had to laugh, smile at myself, and

thank my Guides, once again, for ALWAYS being on point!

And I know…


So I’m listening to spirit and sharing with you about the crystal known as Sunstone who apparently really wanted to be heard.

As if the above description wasn’t amazing enough, lets get into a little psychology, science and spirit.  😉

Sunstone has a hardness on the MOHS scale of 6-6.5 and is from the Oligoclase Feldspar family.

It has also been referred to as Aventurine Feldspar. It has a triclinic crystal system and usually occurs as compact

aggregates. Its name comes from its warm glow and reflective light, reminiscent of the sun. It carries the element of fire,

working with the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakra lending a helping hand in leadership, strength, abundance

of blessings, even benevolence and enlightenment of male energy.

What a fantastic stone for this huge transition just about EVERYONE I know is facing right now!

Sunstone is a stone of personal power, freedom, and expanded consciousness.

Carrying the frequency the Solar Ray, it is said that is carries the energy of Ra, the sun God, whose energy brings forth the

potential within the Earth. This reminds us of the initiation of Light we are all currently undergoing.

If that isn’t an understatement I don’t know what is! Sunstone also stimulates the sacral and solar plexus making it a great stone

for activating and empowering oneself in leadership and bringing creative ideas into fruition with action.

It balances out the Yang energy, and its counterpart, Moonstone, helps to balance the Yin energy.

I LOVE this next part….

In the past, it was a leadership stone used for ones personal gain, or power over others, but with the emerging

paradigm and shifts, leadership NOW represents the ability to take responsibility for the common good.

It is not an assumption of power but the assumption of responsibility melded with the will to manifest

the highest potential of Spirit onto the Earth. Talk about a light-workers stone! I know a few friends and colleagues of mine that

are paving ways for the new paradigm and this is a wonderfully supportive crystal to assist one in staying in purpose,

on purpose and aligned with the truth and light, grounding this into our REALITY.


Can we get a bucket please!

So as you may know there is much change going on in the world, light-workers coming out of the wood work,

darkness being exposed left and right…If you are ready to be a Leader in the spiritual battle we are facing,

you can count on Sunstone to assist you in stepping into your true calling as a lightworker and a way show-er.

Sunstone shines to be our guide back to the Light when we feel surrounded by darkness.

Let Sunstone be a part of your Guidance, Counsel and Gumption.

If you want to further entrain with Sunstone, or any other stone for that matter, the best possible way it through tincture.

Tinctures are taken by mouth, so you are literally entraining every cell of your body with crystal energy.

It will truly change your life.

You can purchase our crystal tinctures of Sunstone here, or all other tinctures are offered here.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

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We appreciate you and thank you for helping to spread the Light around the world.

So much Love and Aloha,

Katie Wise ACM

Crystal for Lymphatic drainage and support!


As I have mentioned numerous times there are so many crystals to support us through our many every day challenges, goals and processes in life. This week I was asked to share about the crystals that can assist one in healthy lymphatic detox and overall function.

I chose to highlight 3 stones that support the human body in this manner. Although there are more than 3 so we are not limited to this trio, they would certainly be a great contribution to your collection. The first crystal I’d like to share with you is….


Halite is a sodium chloride (salt) crystal with a hardness of 2/2.5, from the cubic family, and can be found in granular or massive habits. It’s an evaporate mineral, formed from evaporated sea water, and is water soluble. It can be found in many colors ranging from pink to blue, which are all considered to carry special qualities to the metaphysical community.

Being that Halite is essentially salt, it is known for its strong purifying properties. It purifies energy and environments, transforming almost any density into clear usable or transmutable energy. Depending on the color of Halite, it will assist that correlating chakra in purification, opening and cleansing, as it clears the debris of old unwanted energy, thoughts and patterns. Halite creates a feeling of refreshment in the air and in the auric field, and pulls blockages away from the body, creating an overall feeling of alignment in a room or individual person. It works with the crown to open up a clearer pathway of communication to Source, opens and awakens the 3rd eye, decalcifying the pineal gland, and activates the solar plexus as it renews self empowerment though a deeper awareness.

How does one incorporate the use of Halite? Simply by bringing it into you home will help to purify the air. Remember in the crystal world size does matter, so the bigger the better! Salt lamps are a wonderful element to bring into your home or office space. Meditating with it can help you to gain a more clear understanding of ones blockages and release the debris from ones perception. Bathing in a salt bath can allow us to entrain with its energy, to purify through it seeping into our pores, in turn assisting us in purging our bodies physically as well as energetically of toxins. It is important when choosing a salt to bathe in that one uses salt that has not been processed, died, or bleached, as well as no additives unless they are essential oils or naturally derived. We’re not talking about your normal table salt here, but Himalayan, or Dead Sea, some kind of salt that is of natural source is most beneficial. The plus side to using this kind of salt is you can also use it in your cooking! Himalayan is a solid staple in our home. You can find our bath salts here to assist you in releasing old toxins and finding peace and serenity with in and with out.

The second stone I have chosen for lymphatic support is


Prehnite is a calcium aluminum silicate with a hardness of 6/6.5 and belongs to the crystal orthorhombic system. Its soft green hew is found to be calming to the mind, cooling to the body, and brings joy, peace and an energy of hope to the heart. Resonating with the heart chakra, Prehnite will align your energy field to the Earths energy. This aids one in staying grounded in the heart space during times of stress. It aids one in cooling and releasing excessive nervous energy or anger as well.

Carrying Prehnite offers reflective calm disposition through out all of ones dealings, and also assists in staying in connection with the heart while keeping a birds eye perspective. Having this ability to see ourselves at a birds eye view is important in reflection of our actions, goals, and ambitions, but also in keeping in mind that we are divinely guided protected and supported, no matter the challenge we may be facing. It helps us to release deep fears or unconscious ego identification to past wounds.

Prehnite is considered the “emotional soap” as it helps to wash away emotional debris from the auric field. Its helps to boost or “kick start” the circulatory system and lymphatic system to clear away toxins from the body with greater accuracy. It is also great for the urinary tract and for calming infections. Incorporate this stone in your healing regimen by carrying it in your pocket, using a tumbled stone for lymphatic massage, or purchasing a tincture to entrain with along side your daily supplements… So many great ways to use this gem.

The third stone for assistance in lymphatic drainage, but certainly not last is


Red Calcite occurs in the rhombohedral crystal system and has a hardness of 3. It works with both the crown and root chakra, creating sensory awareness and clarity, grounding in the intentions and wisdom from above to below, as well as activating our primal instincts and connection to our ancestors of the earthly plain. It is a stone of “soft vitality” considered to be not too activating that one may feel overstimulated or wired, but subtle and gentle enough for use even during pregnancy.

Creating this gentle grounding in the body, one will find Red Calcite promotes movement in the physical body, so move and shake that body babe! As well it activates the endocrine and lymphatic system, so if one is feeling sluggish and slow, be ready for a friendly pick me up. This stone can also help with sexual imbalances by assisting one with being more comfortable in their own body. This renewed comfort in the body will open up opportunities for the overcoming of inner fears as we ground into the body with greater ease. In this fact, Red Calcite is also great for supporting reproductive health, helping regulate hormones, and is even great for bone growth and strengthening. It is also good for strengthening the blood. If you are healing a broken bone, Red Calcite is a great stone to incorporate to your healing. You can do this by taping them, yes, just tape that puppy right on your body or cast. If you’re not exactly excited about this approach, simply laying with these crystals near you in stillness, and with purpose for about 10 to 15 minutes a day will assist you with a swift, smoother recovery.

So much more could be said about this fabulous trio, but I think you get the idea by now. Crystals offer us yet another tool found in nature to serve us in our every day needs for healing, comfort, expansion and the list goes on and on…so get cracking’! 😉

I hope this information helps you on your journey, or maybe someone you know in need of some assistance. Like I mentioned before, there are more crystals that you can choose from in regards to lymphatic support, but these were the 3 I chose to be most beneficial in addition to your normal healthcare routine. I’d love to hear how you have incorporated crystals into your health care regimen, answer any questions or simply hear what you think! If you found this educational and helpful, please share with your friends and family.

With much appreciation and MANY CRYSTALLINE BLESSINGS,

Katie Wise ACM

Rose Quartz


‘With love and gentleness, I will hold your heart. Breath with me and allow my energy to soften yours. Expand, with each breath, and open your big beautiful heart, dear one. If you let me, I will show you how loved you are. I will lead you to more opportunities for loving, more openness toward other souls, compassion for yourself, and for your brothers and sisters. You choose, will you create the space for this knowing? With your permission, my energy will bring you comfort, peace, and love from above, below, and most importantly: WithIN.

Shine sweet soul, SHINE.

This is what Rose Quartz says when we open up opportunities to work with her energy. I say ‘her’ because it is a feminine energy that exudes from this sweet crystal. With her calming touch, we begin to understand how much we are loved, how much we are supported, and we can begin to attract more of this kind of love into our lives by embodying the messages that lies within her.

Rose Quartz energy provides an ‘envelope’ of love around your energetic body, activating the heart chakra for the illumination of ones own innate love. Not only is she a heart chakra activator, she works wonders for healing and opening the third eye, the crown chakra, and working on the sacral chakra as well. Don’t be fooled by her soft pink hews, she is a powerful healer. Being from the element of water, strong emotions may arise while working with Rose Quartz. This is healthy, this is the opening. Allow yourself to feel it all. This may be wounds surfacing for the purpose of awareness and healing, ultimately creating the opportunity for forgiveness and letting go. The sensation of profound oneness may arise, as the lover and the beloved become one, within or in relationship. When we truly experience love, thoughts of giving and receiving dissipate as we see it is not the goal, but it is what we ARE.

Rose Quartz energy acts as a soothing balm for the emotional and physical body. Softening the edges around tension, comforting the heart through challenging times, and redirecting us back to the ‘heart’ of the matter, what really counts. It shows us we are not alone even in our darkest times, and holds us sweetly, allowing release of stress and dissolution of anger and resentment. She can dispel fear or suspicion, and rebirth hope, faith and love, as she is one of the stones of the Great Mother. Working with Rose Quartz will create more harmony in your every day interactions as well as in your more intimate home life. She is one of the most humble stones for being as powerful as she is, carrying the love of Christ consciousness and other heart-centered spiritual masters.

Rose Quartz knows that not every day is ‘roses and sunshine’ but she can lend a hand with all your emotional needs. Being from the Quartz family, holding the hardness of 7 on the MOHS scale and belonging to the hexagon/trigonal family, it’s a wonderful stone to use in blessing your water, for nourishment of your body, pets and plants. I could not recommend enough incorporating Rose Quartz into your crystal tool kit if you haven’t already!

I hope you find this information inspiring to go and rest and play with your Rose Quartz today. Enjoy the blessings she has to offer, share and shine your love with the world!

With much ALOHA

Katie Wise ACM

Grounding exercises and helpful Hematite!


        This silvery grey stone is one of the most abundant minerals found in the earths crust. Its the most important ore of iron, used for its pigment, radiation shielding, and many other industrial uses. Hematite is found as deep as Geologists have been able to reach in the earths crust, making it, more likely, part of our inner core of the planet, in a liquid magma form. Pretty crazy to ponder on right?! The center of our planet is hot liquid iron magma! Of course this is speculation, but highly educated speculation. No one has drilled all the way to the earths inner core, I’m not sure that would be a good idea. In fact, I’m pretty sure it would be a terrible idea, but I’m not a scientist. Anyway, these fun facts about Hematite help explain why it is a wonderful choice for connecting to the earth, and used as a grounding stone. Not sure what that means to ground? Well…lets start with what it means to be UNgrounded, or ‘where the root chakra is not functioning at its greatest potential’.


Have you ever felt a little out of sorts, maybe a bit scattered or floaty? Some may call it flighty, klutzy or, the term I’d like to share which energetic practitioners use often is, ungrounded. These are just a few symptoms you may experience if your not rooted in your body completely:

  • Survival needs not being met
  • Money issues
  • Home/shelter issues
  • Misuse of physical energy, difficulty with time management skills
  • Unhealthy attachment to material things
  • Many issues rooted in fear
  • Clumsiness or coordination issues
  • Lack of confidence or overly confident (yes, this happens when overactive)
  • Escapism
  • Disconnection from the world, dread, depression, low libido, repressed sexuality, addiction to substances
  • Physical issues associated with adrenal glands, large intestine, diarrhea or constipation, hips, spinal column, blood, or kidneys to name a few…


I know this can be overwhelming and may come as a surprise to many people, but most of us all are challenged with staying grounded in our bodies. The reasons intimately will all differ, but generally we all experience these worries about bills, food, family life, relationship issues and the like. Of course we would want to escape these worries, they suck! But we can’t avoid them entirely, this avoidance causes more disconnection. Not being connected to our bodies, or physical responsibilities for too long can actually make matters worse. If you relate to any of these symptoms, know that its ok, you’re ok, awareness is the first step in change, so now that we see where we may need change, lets work on that!


I’m sure you’re saying to yourselves by now ‘So what does it freakin mean to ground, and how do I do this already, Katie!?’ Ok, ok, Im getting to the good stuff!


What does it mean to be ‘grounded’ anyway? Not so much like when we were kids and our parents told us to go to our room. But the idea our parents had was close, sending a child to their room, in hopes that they get in touch with the reality of their actions and the consequences that follow is the basic idea most parents are hoping for, I believe. To be in the physical reality of the consequences of our actions… Not running from them, this takes some humility at times, and others it takes strength! So grounding your energy is kind of the same thing! Here are symptoms of what it feels like to be fully grounded and present in your body:

  • Centered, focused
  • Courageous and strong
  • Success in the physical world, money flows more freely
  • Easier manifestation
  • Stability and security improves
  • Anxiety lessons, depression starts to lift
  • Sexual energy balances
  • Priorities in place and time management improves
  • Strong survival instincts and trust improves
  • Overall physical wellbeing improves, healthier, more regular bowel movements, healthier bladder, relaxed strong gate (that your walk 😉
  • Connection to nature rhythms strengthens
  • Calmer!
  • Confident


We do this by bringing our energy down from the energetic plains that we tend to ‘think’ (get it, too much thinking can be ‘ungrounding’ as well!) we like to live in, holding and keeping it in our body, like a tree root, into the ground. I know we don’t have roots coming out of our tail bone, or our feet for that matter, but in our energetic bodies we kind of do! We can ‘root down, or root into the the planet’ like an anchor.


Just imagine it: You’re a tree, stand up, imagine from your feet, roots are digging themselves into the ground from the bottom of your feet, or if you are sitting, imagine them coming from your tailbone, dig them in deep, so you are firmly ‘planted’.  A trees root system can get as deep as 20 feet, and usually is the same width, if not even wider, than its branches. Imagine you are that!


Another analogy I like is this: You’re a ship. Yes, lets be a ship now, entertain me! Drop anchor and watch it go down, down, down deep into the earth crust, once it goes as far as you can imagine it, give it a tug. Make sure its planted, good and stuck, then come back up, all the way through to your feet, and center in the heart space. This may take a little imagination and practice but most everything starts with a thought so use that imagination as much as you need!


Using Hematite can truly help you in this process, since using the imagination is tough at first sometimes for some, with all we have going on around us, slowing our thoughts alone can be challenging. Here are the steps I like to take that are quick and easy too:

  1. Start with placing two Hematite, one at each foot, and two in each hand while sitting down, or laying if you prefer. (Hematite is pretty inexpensive and easily accessible, its almost everywhere, ask me where if you need some help!)
  2. Quiet space helps, quiet the mind, quiet your thoughts as much as possible. Intention helps this process as well.
  3. Breathe deeply, in the nose, out the mouth, 5 deep cleansing breaths.
  4. Let the breath go to a natural pace now. At this time you can also visualize any negativity, anxiety, or blockages dissolving into the Earth. Imagine peaceful relaxation.
  5. Hold this for about 5 minutes, just 5 minutes, and feel the PULL. You may feel it strong or subtle, everyone is different so its ok and its not a competition.


This pull is YOUR energetic field grounding down! Yep! You are now experiencing what it feels like to be grounded. Thank you to our lovely assistant, Hematite. You will feel calm, relaxed, focused, GROUNDED! YAY! Thats what it feel like! Its pretty easy, but it does take practice and needs to be done at LEAST daily. Utilizing either of the analogies I shared with you here of the tree or boat with Hematite is an excellent practice to incorporate into your routine or whenever needed.


On a more serious side, I am compassionate to all of our human challenges. I am not excluded from this as I am human. We all make mistakes, or trip up, get behind, and even avoid certain things all together at some point. Its part of BEING HUMAN. It can be scary and uncomfortable to accept our reality sometimes, we don’t want to accept those consequences, don’t make me, I don’t wanna. I get it, some days or chapters of our lives are challenging! But when we ground, it actually improves our reality, I promise! Maybe not right away, but it will if you stay consistent and persistent! Hematite and other grounding stones are here to assist you!


So much more of life becomes free and flowing when we ground ourselves, and properly! I hope that this information about Grounding and Hematite helps you find more stability in your life. I do feel it is important to share with you that some people feel as though Hematite doesn’t seem to be grounding enough for them, and that that is totally ok, you may just need a different choice. Just like we are all different, one grounding stone works wonders for some, while others maybe not so much. These breathing and visualization exercises alone can be very helpful, but I would love to connect you to a another crystal choice. As an Advanced Crystal Master Healer, I can assist you in connecting more deeply, narrowing down the root cause (no pun intended, or was it?) or root or other chakra imbalances, and assist you in choosing a stone or stones that better suit your particular needs. I offer a grounding crystal body layout for this very purpose as well. It is one of my greatest pleasures, introducing and connecting you to the crystals. If you’re not quite sure you are doing it right, or if its even working, or you just want to share an experience, please, feel free to share! Lets get IN TOUCH 😉


         Many Crystal Blessings to you and yours, thank you for stopping by! Enjoy <3

Katie Wise ACM


Crystals for April Pink Full Moon


Full moon medicine is quite healing and can be a powerful time for releasing that which no longer serves us. This could be a habit, an emotion, a job, relationship, you name it, but letting go with the full moon can assist you with this releasing process. When the moon is at its fullest, we set our intentions to let something go, and as the moon begins to wane, we allow this release to fall away from our energy field, our physical, or even our mental space. We then need to make moves to create the change we wish to see, as your full participation is required. But letting it go and giving it to our higher power to do what may seem fit, is the first step. This can be such an empowering and connecting practice to develop, I highly recommend trying it out for yourself, if you haven’t already. With fascination and wonder, we are drawn to the moon. When we utilize the cycles in our releasing and even our manifesting practices, you will find the connection created with her, with your goals or aspirations, even with your body as an undeniable and sweet gift. One I personally cherish, with deep gratitude to our Creator in yet another incredible way we are ALL inter-connected.

As we approach this full moon in Libra, the sign of the scales, there are several different ways to go about a releasing ceremony. One thing I do when working with the moons medicine is incorporate the crystals to enhance and support my process. It has become a neccessary stapler my personal practice, as quite literally the crystal magnify the intentions I set carrying them deeper within, above and below. I wanted to share with you just a few crystals that can help you along the way. But first a little bit of facts regarding this full moon we call pink

According to the old farmers almanac, Pink Full Moon announces the appearance of moss pink, or wild ground phlox—one of the first spring flowers native to the indigenous tribes of northern America. This was in a time in history when the natives did not use a Gregorian calendar but followed the cycles of the moon and the seasons. The moon doesn’t actually appear pink, but it signifies the coming of spring for many of the tribes. With flowers blooming and eggs hatching, the earth is once again springing to life. And what a beautiful time year it is. :)

Libra is the Astrological sign infamously known as the balancing scales. If you have libra as your sun or moon sign, you may be one who always wants things fair, trying to balance things out among your friends or family. You may even find yourself as someone who puts others before yourself and end up getting stressed easily. ‘Libras tend to be kind, gentle and lovers of beauty, harmony and peace. However, in their effort to keep everyone happy, they find it difficult to say ‘NO’ to anyone, and as a result, they end up getting stressed.’

With this, and the Pink Full Moon energy in mind, I chose several pink stones that are great for assisting us in releasing old wounds, and negative thought patterns; in turn facilitating space for more self love and compassion for the self and others, or the situations in which we had been burned. There are many stones to choose from but these 3 were the first that came to my mind, as I have developed a personal relationship and experience with each of them. Before I get started I just want to remind you these are by no means meant to replace any therapy you may be undergoing, but enhance them and, in turn, shorten the duration of need. With that said, my hand went right for the Pink Calcite, without even thinking.

Pink Calcite is a soft soothing energy, that opens the heart and solar plexus. It eases heart ache and pain, clearing past traumas from the emotional body, and fills the heart with universal and self love. Pink Calcite is a nurturing stone that helps us take care of ourselves! It enables us to accept love, act on love, and with loving behavior. Its a high powered stress and tension reliever, and can even help with anxiety. Pink calcite has been known to help us through the practice of radical self awareness, making it easier to be gentle with oneself, and re-center our thoughts to be more loving when the times get tough. It facilitates peace when one may be overwhelmed with life situations, having a calming effect on the nervous system. Making big life changes isn’t always easy, but Pink Calcite can take the edge off, so to speak, acting as a kind reminder to relax and stay in touch with the heart. Physically, Pink Calcite can help us in healing the bones, joints, kidney, uterus, and physical heart issues.

My second choice for this full pink moon is Pink Opal. When working with Pink Opal you will find its messages to come clear but gentle, providing comfort through healing deep past trauma and accepting of ones personal path. Bringing awareness and holding compassion for the self while facing these wounds, it carries us through a soft transition and transmutation. As you know, facing our shadows can be a really uncomfortable process, with Pink Opal it will take the edge off, soothing you like a mother would when her child is facing a major life lesson. Pink Opal is also a stone of love and gentleness. It eases the process of change, brings energies of gentle love and kindness to relationships of all kinds. As with other opals, it also brings inspiration, imagination and creativity. It can help release inhibitions, is known in assisting the release  of fear around intimate relationships, commitment and marriage. It even brings you happy dreams, in this, it is a great stone for children or adults for that matter, who may have night terrors, or experience frequent nightmares. Physically, Pink Opal is helpful for eyesight, heart disease and injury, Parkinson’s disease, lungs, and spleen.

And of course we can’t leave out Rose Quartz, a staple in every healing I perform, and one of my favorite all time go to stones. Rose Quartz is wonderful for easing and healing just about any ailment, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. It is the stone of compassionate love, for self and others, wonderful for romantic love as well but great for love all encompassing. With unconditional love and a soft feminine energy healing and nurturing, Rose Quartz assist us in dissolving past wounds of resentment, fear and encircles the whole auric body with divine feminine love. It can assist you through mid-life crisis, time of deep grief and aids in the acceptance of necessary change. When wearing Rose Quartz, you may experience more love. Giving love, receiving love, and the blocks that may be holding you back from accepting more love in my life as well! Yep, crystals can do that for us too, show us our shadows, so we can move through them and heal! Physically Rose Quartz is supportive in the healing of ailments of the thymus, heart, and lungs. female reproductive system, breast cancer, and even known to help with varicose veins and vertigo.

So I am betting you sense a theme here. Compassionate healing with this April Pink Full Moon! there is never a bad time to be more compassionate, to your own self or to our fellow brothers and sisters. This moon just happens to be offering wonderful opportunity to heal these wounds on a deeper level, on a larger scale, find more balance in our internal worlds, with the idea in mind that our external world will reflect that!

I hope this helps you in harnessing this Pink Full Moon energy and in releasing that which no longer serves you. I trust that what ever may be coming up for us individually, and collectively, there is a solution to it found in nature. Creator has blessed us with so many wonderful gifts for our healing and life processing. And… just for the record, if you happen to miss the full moon opportunity, good news; There is always another full moon on its way, and even more good news! You don’t have to wait for the moon to make Positive Change in your life. Start now, start today, just start somewhere. Lets work together to heal this planet, one person at a time, starting with ourselves! <3

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask and share. Enjoy! And Happy Pink Full Moon my friends! 🙂

Katie Wise ACM

Crystal of the Week


Amethyst is a very popular stone, well known by many, and was one of the first stones I ever had the pleasure of working with. With its soft purple hew and comforting energy, whats not to love about Amethyst? After all, it was once revered as the “Jewel of the Gods!” The Neolithic people used it as early as 25,000 BC!

Lets get into some science behind this beauty!

Amethyst is a silicate, part of the quartz family, and owes its purple coloring from irradiation, iron impurities and trace elements. Coming from the trigonal crystal system, you will generally see it has a hexagon shape, 6 sides, and has a hardness of 7. It can be found in Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Russia and the USA, to name a few…

The name ‘Amethyst’ comes from Greek origins and means ‘not drunk’ LOL pretty funny, but appropriate, as it brings awareness to truth of our connection to the unseen world. ‘Not drunk’, or better explained as lifting the veil of confusion from our crown chakra and third eye, clearing the ‘fog’ of our misguided concepts.

This particular stone can be found in many forms: points, clusters, geodes, and has been tumbled into spheres or other polished forms. My personal favorite is the cluster 🙂

OK, so now that I’ve shared some geology with you, lets get to the emotional and energetic qualities of Amethyst, or what geo geeks, like me, to refer to as Amy (pronounced Am-EE)!

This pretty purple stone has been known for centuries as a protective, purifying, and divine connection stone. It also can aid one in releasing addictions (hence the name ‘not drunk’ but not limited to alcohol). It works with the third eye and crown chakra, and above. You may have heard of it being referenced as a stone of friendship and that I believe is because of its ability to open up our minds to the connection we all share in spirit. It assists us in seeing that we are divinely connected as brothers and sisters, one big spiritual family.

Amethyst lends a psychic protection, creating an ‘energetic shield’ or EMF (electromagnetic field) of light around the wearer. This wards off negativity in ones environment. It had a high, sweet like energy that will uplift you when perhaps you are feeling low, or down, but soothing enough to sleep with under your pillow and keep in your bedroom.

As well as creating a cocoon of light protection, Amy is known to activate the higher mind, allowing clearer comprehension of lifes experiences. It can show us our hold ups, fears, or root cause of dis-ease and imbalance. Lending us a hand in identifying our damaging beliefs, or limited thought patterns serves us in letting go of these patterns that no longer serve us, do not resonate with our present life, or were never ours to begin with. Being aware of these energetic ties is the first step in recovering our power and changing our physical reality. Amy helps us essentially to see our ego-driven self destructive patterns, and take responsibility by reminding us we are co-creators with the Universe.

How sweet is that! Amethyst is just one of MANY stones that offer us healing and awareness. Our Creator is so generous with all the tools that have been provided to us for our healing, growth and expansion. Its really so heart touching when we learn more about the crystals, plants, and animals we sometimes take for granted around us. When we get a chance to slow down and connect with any of these God given elements, we are always reminded of the beauty of life itself. I have found that, for myself, Amethyst has helped me remember and stay in my purpose, protect me from energetic negativity, and see more clearly my path when I do fall into the occasional stoop, as we all do from time to time. It’s ok when we forget, we are all in this together, and can lean on each other, and these tools, to serve as a reminder when needed.

My hope for you is that this may be some food for thought, so that it may feed you SOUL.

If you have any questions about Amethyst, I’d be glad to answer them for you.

Namaste, and many crystal blessings to you!

Katie Wise ACM


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