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Day #1

Healing, Healed, Healer

Rose Quartz

Crystal Deva Ka-kini-el

Healing, Healer, Healed

“The situation you have inquired about is healing. Your prayers have been heard and are being answered at this very moment. You have healing abilities that you can use for the benefit of this situation, as well as to help other people heal.”

Additional Meanings For This Card: Your life purpose involves healing. You, or the person you are inquiring about, are experiencing healing now. Know that the situation is already healed in a spiritual truth. Take courses or read about healing. Work at or open a healing center.”

Pulled from the Magical Messages From The Fairies oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.


Rose Quartz

‘With love and gentleness, I will hold your heart. Breath with me and allow my energy to soften yours. Expand, with each breath, and open your big beautiful heart, dear one. If you let me, I will show you how loved you are. I will lead you to more opportunities for loving, more openness toward other souls, compassion for yourself, and for your brothers and sisters. You choose, will you create the space for this knowing? With your permission, my energy will bring you comfort, peace, and love from above, below, and most importantly: WithIN.

Shine sweet soul, SHINE.’

– Katie Wise Wallen

This is what Rose Quartz says when we open up opportunities to work with her energy. I say ‘her’ because it is a feminine energy that exudes from this sweet crystal. With her calming touch, we begin to understand how much we are loved, how much we are supported, and we can begin to attract more of this kind of love into our lives by embodying the messages that lies within her.

Rose Quartz energy provides an ‘envelope’ of love around your energetic body, activating the heart chakra for the illumination of ones own innate love. Not only is she a heart chakra activator, she works wonders for healing and opening the third eye, the crown chakra, and working on the sacral chakra as well. Don’t be fooled by her soft pink hews, she is a powerful healer. Being from the element of water, strong emotions may arise while working with Rose Quartz. This is healthy, this is the opening. Allow yourself to feel it all. This may be wounds surfacing for the purpose of awareness and healing, ultimately creating the opportunity for forgiveness and letting go. The sensation of profound oneness may arise, as the lover and the beloved become one, within or in relationship. When we truly experience love, thoughts of giving and receiving dissipate as we see it is not the goal, but it is what we ARE.

Rose Quartz energy acts as a soothing balm for the emotional and physical body. Softening the edges around tension, comforting the heart through challenging times, and redirecting us back to the ‘heart’ of the matter, what really counts. It shows us we are not alone even in our darkest times, and holds us sweetly, allowing release of stress and dissolution of anger and resentment. She can dispel fear or suspicion, and rebirth hope, faith and love, as she is one of the stones of the Great Mother. Working with Rose Quartz will create more harmony in your every day interactions as well as in your more intimate home life. She is one of the most humble stones for being as powerful as she is, carrying the love of Christ consciousness and other heart-centered spiritual masters.

Rose Quartz knows that not every day is ‘roses and sunshine’ but she can lend a hand with all your emotional needs. Being from the Quartz family, holding the hardness of 7 on the MOHS scale and belonging to the hexagon/trigonal family, it’s a wonderful stone to use in blessing your water, for nourishment of your body, pets and plants. I could not recommend enough incorporating Rose Quartz into your crystal tool kit if you haven’t already!

I hope you find this information inspiring to go and rest and play with your Rose Quartz today. Enjoy the blessings she has to offer, share and shine your love with the world!



Ka-kini-els Message 

‘Slow now little ones my soft glow will find you and open your heart to self. With me you will only rejoice in life but first let us sit and breathe forgiveness to self and others. Take time now to recognize the endless source of love that exists in you for through this all can be healed. Let love be your creative avenue joy freedom and peace will be within and all around you let us surface them as they are the basis of a Life forgotten.’

Taken from the Liquid Crystals Oracle Deck

Prosperity Spell

Prosperity Spell

by Lucy Cavendish

Money and wealth are highly charged issues in your culture. This simple Prosperity spell will help you realize your material desires and needs through the generation of money. When the spell chooses you, it signifies the simple truth that there need not be any deals or suffering around obtaining money. Money is simply one of the kinds of manifestations of prosperity, and indeed, of energy. You can enjoy money and be a fine person when you understand that it’s an energy to be used for positive change.If you chose to spell, be aware that working it with the highest of intentions will bring about the most positive results of all. Remember to thank the universe in advance.

Prosperity spellOver the strongest branch of a young green tree, buying three Green – blue ribbons, then whisper this times three:
 “As this tree grow so strong, so fine, so may prosper with the universal divine.”

And indeed, as a tree grows, so will you prosper. When the ribbons have one through, your dream will have already been granted.

Friendship Spell

Friendship Spell

by Lucy Cavendish

Without relationships, it’s difficult to flourish and grow as a person, because it’s within them that we practice being human. This spell will help you to attract new and magical friendships into your life. If you’re dissatisfied with your current friendships it may help you move away from them. If you’re lonely, you may find yourself making new friends of a kind you once thought would never come your way.

If the spell chose you, you’re being guided to appraise your current relationships with a fresh eyes. The spell help you gain a deeper understanding of your existing friendships and will help you meet people who can help you along your souls journey.

If you’ve chosen to spell, casting it will clear the way for better friendships. Don’t be afraid, you’ll never be alone, as you are a loving person who easily attracts other letting people into your life.

Friendship spell:

Bake a cherry cake, and share with the friends you wish to nurture. Before serving, carve a symbol of love, it can be a heart, into the cake. And as you taste its flavor, know these friendships will be a part of you as long as you remind yourself to savor their unique qualities.

Creativity Spell

Creativity Spell

By Lucy Cavendish

Creativity is the ability to manifest ideas that begin in dreams and wishes – to see them become solid and three-dimensional – and to have others experience their power, too. Creativity is sacred to the Universe. Work this spell to allow the enchanting power of creativity to move from your dreams to reality in your life.

If the spelling has chosen you, the Universe wishes you to understand that there are gift that you and only you have to offer to the world. Take the time to work this spells special magic so you can come to understand what the gift is that you have to offer in the world.

If you have chosen this spell, you may feel that you were not as creative as others – wrong! We are all different, and creativity comes in many forms. This spell will awaken the creative artist inside you, and allow that person to express who you really are in the world.
Creativity Spell 
Use the magical power of white light, and breathe it in from the universe. Practice this until it becomes natural, and true creativity will flow.

Aphrodite’s Love Spell

Aphrodite’s Love Spell

By Lucy Cavendish

This is a powerful love spell. Aphrodite is the Greek name for the Goddess of Love, known by the Romans as Venus. Call on her, and she will aid you in your quest to be desired and adored. However, Aphrodite is also a Goddess who needs to be acknowledged. Please thank her for her help when you cast a spell, and when it comes to be, remind yourself to honor her by eating apples (which are sacred to Aphrodite) and smiling on lovers everywhere.

If you’ve drawn this card randomly, the universe is telling you that you truly deserve the love and harmony that you desire in your relationships. My drawing this card, you are reassured that love can be yours, and Aphrodite is willing to help you receive more romance, adoration, and sensuality in your life.
You can add Rose Quartz around the vase of roses to strengthen this love spell.
If you choose this card, please be very careful not to interfere with the free will of another. Please tell the universe that your intention is that this spell B cast for the good of all.
Aphrodite Love Spell
Repeat this rhyme three times, while arranging seven dark red roses in a vase –
On a full moon Friday after seven at night, close your eyes and breathe and delight. Whisper your name and call your beloved. Do this for seven nights and he’ll soon be discovered.
For the hour after the spell (the binding hour) burn pure essential rose oil, and feel the power of true love in your life. To seal the spell, eat a basket of strawberries, knowing that every seed on every strawberry carries the seed of true love to your heart.

Card of the Day ~ August 22nd 2017


“The Lunar Path” 

Master Crystal Deva Argen-tel-m


If Silver has come to you today it is time to activate and harmonize the Goddess self. She lives in you as your most feminine component and is seeking a pathway of new expression. Take time to feel and balance your emotional body and be sure to verbally express what is found there in a forgiving and compassionate manner. You may need to accept the closure of some cycles and birth new ones, an active emotional body is a good base for action that changes lives. Drink plenty of pure water for the next few days. Silvers presence often means total cleanup of your system. Silver is also the first energy to present when a soul is readying to incarnate, this card should always be seen as a symbol of feminine fertility and the fact that a little souls is ready. This is a sacred mineral of Isis and the Lady Nada, seek them, they are close by.

Affirmation: “I walk the path of the Moon, it’s cycle is my emotional freedom.”


Well isn’t that just perfect to follow this solar eclipse and new moon we just experienced. I have heard from many of you comments in regards to experiencing headaches, tiredness, soreness, dizziness, achy and etc. Although the Eclipse is passed, the energy is still with us and will be for quiet some time. Coupled with the new moon we witnessed, this encourages us to go inward, reflect upon our innermost depths and shine light on the parts of ourselves that are ready to break wide open, ready to be set free. In order to do this, we may need to detoxify. We can do this in several ways, and if you are experiencing physical conditions I highly encourage you ask your healthcare provider about healthy detoxing and a supportive diet the coming days and weeks. Our spirits are asking us to purge all substances, habits, and thoughts that keep us weighed down, keep us living small and afraid of shining our brightest…

To top it off, this also confirms for me that the Divine Feminine is officially in reign. She is here! She is in each and every one of us, always has been but now we are freed from the dominance of the masculine energy. This discomfort you may be experiencing could be a result to the imbalance within of the divine masculine and divine feminine. If this resonates, know that you can call on her at any given time to comfort you, support you, guide you and heal you. The Divine Masculine is here to support us as well, to Father our Souls, tend to our wounds and teach us through physical experiences. You can call on both Divine Father and Divine Mother to co-create this harmony within the self, which will ripple out into your personal lives and continue to serve in your communities. This is how we can heal the world. Through self care and restoration of the balance between yin/yang, masculine/feminine within the self, and so to appear in the exterior world.

Thank you so much for your love and support, I hope you enjoyed todays reading. If so, please give a like and share it with your loved ones.

May you tap into the courage within you to break free from that which you are ready to release, integrate the lessons that give you the fire in your belly to pursue your happiness, and awaken to the beauty of the duality in all of us.

With Gratitude & Grace,

Katie ♥


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