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“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”          ― Eleanor Roosevelt


Nobody can control your thoughts and emotions except for you. In order for someones actions to cause you to feel any certain way you have to consent to the feeling that rises within you. With the exception of the underdeveloped brain in infants, toddlers, young children, and the occasional adult, we can understand that we have so much control over the way we feel.

This is what makes being human so beautiful yet so challenging at the same time.

Your thoughts equal your feelings.
Your feelings equal your emotions.
Your emotions equal your actions.
Your actions equal your results.

In no way am I suggesting that you ignore your feelings based upon this knowledge. Sure there may be a time and place to do just that but the answer lies within the ability to own your feelings and recognize what you need to learn. When feelings arrive from what seems like nothing at times, or, straight from him or her or this or that at other times, they can bring forth strong emotion to your moment. Two things are important to remember in that moment. First, this feeling is normal and you are not crazy. Something has come up for you in the form of emotion that you can look at and that is a beautiful thing. There is no harm in sitting with this feeling and seeking its origination, past reasoning, and life lesson. Second, This feeling is yours and yours only. In no way is the way you’re feeling the responsibility of someone else.

You cannot blame the way you feel on others.

I’m sure you have memories of a time when you were able to brush off some bad news and maintain happiness. Or times when you were furious about a person or situation yet found a way to breath through and forget about it while keeping your positive mindset.


Then there are the times that you completely lost control in a similar situation. When someone got underneath your skin and you were mad for a whole week causing you frustrations that seemed to ripple out into your entire day… messing everything up.

When we analyze these similar situations in our life we see that we have been the cause of our state of mind all along. BE at cause, not the effect. This week practice BEing at cause and not at the effect of the people and situations around you. You have done it before and the more you become cautious of your strengths in these moments the stronger they become leading to more control and happiness.

-Ray Wallen-

Solaris Rising


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”     ― Dr. Seuss

Do all good things come to an end?

Whether or not that is true for you without a doubt some good things do come to and end.

As do the bad things…
Is it better to say completion?
Is it healthier to think in cycles?
I wonder…

Like the fruit of a tree or the flower of a bush life works in cycles. Just the same, our lives and the moments that make them up are filled with cycles of which some we have no control over. Like the seasons, when your good things come to an end… smile. Be thankful.

It is not THE END OF YOUR LIFE but only the end of that part of it.

Too many of us are programmed to see a cycle complete (end) as negative. We worry about what’s next or wish things were like they used to be. Only when the cycle is rough or hurtful do we smile and show gratitude for it being over. When events, relationships, jobs, moments, eras, etc. are over, realize that they are now part of you. The experience, whether direct or indirect, is forever with you.  Those “ITs” are inevitable and, no matter the details, they are meant to be embraced, let go of, and smiled at… just because it happened.

Rest assured that as you grow older and move through more and more experiences you will find peace in knowing that things happened beautifully in your life. So when something in your life arrives at OVER… good or bad… Smile because it happened.

-Ray Wallen-

Sometimes its ok to just feel all the feels. ?

2016 was an incredible year of growth, expansion, contraction and reflection of what is needed to truly move forward in this new chapter of life we are all striving for.

The elections, world events and even the holidays have been quite overwhelming for many of us. ?

In our personal lives, Ray and I had been faced with moving homes twice, changes to our business conduct, family illnesses and even a few deaths. I am not sharing this for any sympathy, but to share that we all are or were going thru much change. ?

Change is the only constant, isn’t it? The inevitable. We choose to either roll with it, or we choose to let it consume us in fear, doubt, insecurity or sadness. ?

Well, what ever you’ve been faced with this past year, and however you chose or are choosing to handle these challenges, its ok. Its ok to feel all the feels. ??

The anger and sadness, the joys and triumphs after the storms have past, the elections are over and the Dakota Pipe line has been bid some time. ??

Ultimately feeling all that you feel is neccesary in your growth and expansion, your process is unique to you. It is alway your choice on how long you choose to let it hold you back, hold you down. Only as long as it serves you my friends, please don’t let it keep you hostage for too long. Cut the cords that do not serve, right? ✂️

The world needs you, your family needs you, your community, and children, friends, even the strangers you cross paths with need you. ?

No pressure really, I just want to share encourage you to look up. ?

Open up. ?

This is 2017 now friends! ?

New beginnings, and oh how good it feels to realize we can choose a new path if the one we once served no longer serves us. Not just on a new year, but every day, every hour, every minute, we can choose again. ??

So, as I’ve been feeling all the feels and allowing myself to go through my necessary process of reflection and healing, I want to thank you! ?

Thank you for your constant encouragement, support and friendships. It means so much to Ray and I, more than you know. ?

Thank you for sharing a part of your lives with us, whether it be in a healing session, coaching session or other transformational service, or even just bumping into us at the store and catching up. We’ve enjoyed every moment shared with all of you. ?

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 2016 was an amazing year, lets celebrate our growth and expansion! We look forward to seeing you all again this 2017 at events, sessions, and at the store lol and so much more! ?

Happy New Years, to you and yours friends!

I will be sharing some very exciting programs and events with you all very soon. Stay tuned! And please let us know, how are you? How can we help you? What would you like to see from us that we may better serve you all. It is our greatest pleasure and a true honor to be of service. ?

Much love and Aloha! ?


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