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Card Of the Day ~ August 17th 2017

Clear Calcite 

“Universal Mind”

The Master Deva Kel-el

Your Healing Journey Today:


If Clear Calcite comes your way, you are about to or have entered a space of mental transition, a new modality, pathway of learning or project. Clear Calcite has come to help with the inevitable fears that arise at this important structural time change. The energy of clear calcite around you will prevent the mental fragmentation and scattering that could weaken the project. This stone can also present when one has been ignoring their path in the world, not taking risks, instead playing by the rules that others have already written. You are being asked in this case to embrace Universal Mind, have trust and enter the uncharted waters of true creation with integrity. In most cases, to receive the gift of Clear Calcite is to receive your wisdom of other life times. Clear Calcite is also a sign that the Third Initiation on the pathway to Ascension has been entered into or completed, Mental Mastery.


Affirmation;- “I embrace Universal Mind”


-Taken from Liquid Crystal Oracle Deck


I don’t think I can quite express just how perfectly times this message is… How does this resonate with you? Where do you see more clarity needed or being addressed in your personal world? How can you find some expansion to harness the universal mindset? Great card for these times we are facing, isn’t it? Any other questions or “Aha’s!” come up for you? Please feel free to share below!

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