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Card of the Day ~ August 18th 2017


“Manifestation of Purpose”

The Master Crystal Deva Galandel

The energy of this stone gives purpose to all things and has not come into your life to correct, turn around, or heal your current surrounds, but simply to deliver the purpose behind them. In life, we all undertake tasks that at the time seem perfect, then as time progresses, we learn and realize they may not be for us and should be released. Garnet is letting you know there is a reason behind all of your choices and soon it will be known. However, no matter how tough the path, never surrender until you know why you began the journey. For if you turn your back too early, there is great possibility you will just recreate the same picture with different paints. Garnet asks us to filter all that we will do through our hearts, as it is there that the voice of truth echoes in the Souls hall of purpose and manifests our path in the world. Listen to your heart speak, for between the words is hidden the glory or the Universe. Garnet especially applies to creativity, sexuality, relationships, work, diet, children and other sacral and base chakra activities. You are about to understand your life at a deeper level. Meditate and find space to see all that you are.


Affirmation ~ “I Manifest my Purpose with Love as my Guide”


~Taken from Liquid Crystal Oracle Deck


How perfect is this card for today? So on point, this card literally jumped out and landed in from of me, clearly the Devas are wanting to communicate to us, it is time!

I want to share on a more personal level that Garnet has been a wonderful stone for me to ground in my purpose filled life, along with assisting me to stay present, grounded and in my creative center. Garnet is a beautiful, strong stone that I feel helps us to harness, or ground down the divine feminine energies that we are currently tapping into to helps shape shift this paradigm we are building, as well as equalize the yin/yang in our own vessel. What a perfect stone for the energy we are experiencing today. I encourage you to incorporate this into your daily self care regimen, meditation, crystal grid or sacred space. I feel pretty blessed to have granite counter tops in my home that have quartz and garnet in them, I have honestly considered laying on them for meditation! I just may now that the kids are back in school 😀

Thank you, so much!


Katie ♥


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