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Card of the Day ~ August 21st 2017 ~ Total Solar Eclipse ~ New Moon ~ Leo


I honestly didn’t think we could get a better card for this major attraction we are experiencing today…after yesterdays pull, how could the Devas possibly beat that, right?! Wrong! I am humbled and I am so incredibly GRATEFUL for the lesson in humility and TRUSTING in these Angelic Crystalline Beings who are here to serve us and share there wisdom with us, we only need but ask. And so today, the message they give us is through the lessons and love from:


Oh. My. Goddess! I made sure to do an extra clearing on my deck, I clear my energy, grounded into mother earth, called her in as well as father sky, the sun and moon… I shuffled the deck while asking the devas to come forth with the energy and message they wanted to deliver to us today and this card came jumping out and landed at my feet! Instant tears as I read the card and knew! I knew to humble myself and instantly found deep gratitude for their comfort and guidance…I trust that you will find their peaceful message useful in your life as well… so without further ado…


Black Coral

“Light in the Darkness”

Master Crystal Deva Ke-ma-el


“Black coral is a stone of hope. In coming to you today, she reminds us that no matter how dark we perceive the world to be, there is always light hidden within it. Everything in the Universe is Light or Love until it is tainted by the perception of man. Black Coral lets you know that the New World of Light starts with You. Your perception simply has to move to see fear as a lack of understanding, rather than a substance like a brick wall in growth. For whatever reason in life, often we disempower ourselves; this lack of faith in self is the first step away from Love and often leads to a dark place. Choose carefully in the coming days. See Light in the darkness and you will be set free. A fear of the dark IS a Love of the Light, make a choice to understand that fear is an illusion, one we  we can live life without.”


Affirmation~  “In Love I am Free”

~Taken from the Liquid Crystals Oracle Deck


So as you can see, there is no reason to fear, for the fear of darkness Is truly a Love for the Light! A shift in perception will serve us all from releasing the ties that bind us to our fears and truly accepting and embracing all of it in its entirety. What a beautiful reminder. We are so guided, supported and protected in every step we take. Remember your heart, shift the eyes to see the Light in all things, even the places we may feel are not serving us actually serve their purpose too. In gratitude for all of our aspects of humanity we can set ourselves free!

Make it a magnificent, magical MANIFEST IT Monday, soul tribe! We are all in this together, and together we rise!

With SO much LOVE and LIGHT,

Katie ♥


P.S. I don’t own any black coral, but you bet your cutie patootie that I’ll be investing in some very soon. Stay tuned! And until then, here is a gorgeous specimen to gaze your eyes on. We can tap into the energy of a stone through imagery too, if it is not available to us first hand. InJoy! <3

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Card of the Day ~ August 20th 2017

Today is a special reading. I explain below how I ended up with 3 cards. Three cards that truly support us through this beautiful time. InJOY, I share with you…



Ra, Light Radiance

Master Crystal Deva Ra-ba-el

 Sunstone has come to you today. The light of the Sun is about to ignite your life, increasing your vital force, expanding your frequency and infusing you with the joy only the Sun can deliver. The coming days are bound to be positive and flowing, but it is important to not block the potential the frequency carries with negativity and pessimism, for Sunstone will then explode into healing mode and you will wonder what hit you. Optimism is a key word where Sunstone is concerned and it is possible that you are having your share of rough days at the moment. Sunstone has come to fill a role as your personal Sun, showering positive light into your world and lightening the load. Sunstone can also open the voice and purpose of ones Soul, so listen in a state of potential action, for with frequencies such as this, swiftness is key.

If you are searching for an answer to a question, Sunstone is one of the most positive responses that you could hope for, it screams “Yes, yes, YES!” at you. All you need to do now with your new vitality, is spring into action. Are you still reading this?! Go, do it! Now!


Affirmation: “I am Radiant Light, behold my Vitality!”


Blue Lace Agate

“Calm Expression”

Master Crystal Deva Mer-ra-el

If Blue Lace Agate comes to you today, tread lightly, and gently in all matters, for she only comes to those who must take the path of calm truth-filled peaceful expression. All matters and courses of action are best approached from a truthful space where the wisdom and logic of Air can be blended with the emotion and fluidity of Water. Blue Lace Agate appears only when there is too much fire in expression, or the possibility of it. Her message is: Take time, breathe and then take action with an open heart. Determining the difference between action and reaction is her playground. You have been asked to look at this within yourself. For one who takes action with love and joy, this stone is as endless as the blue skies where the clouds dance, but for those who would react with fire, she warns of the inevitable, ever-breaking wave of emotion, increasingly turbulent the more it is ignored. Open your heart, and THEN open your mouth. Blue Lace Agate tell us the world is ready to hear what you have to say.


Affirmation~ “I Am the Voice of Calm Expression”



“Mother Goddess”

Master Crystal Deva Lunlael

The Goddess is at your door, it is time to open your heart and feel. Moonstone comes to us when is it time to feel and truthfully open the door to our emotional self. Many of us believe we already do this, but living in a constant emotional state is not true feeling, as it holds no mastery, discipline or understanding. Moonstone asks you to sit and feel, just sit. Don’t label, think, act or react, just feel. By doing this, one gains the ability to experience the cyclic nature of the world. Just as things arise, so they fall away and we are able to surrender and be happy without attachment. This is the path of the Goddess and only those that embrace is may wear the Luna Crest. Remember a feeling is only a feeling while it is felt and experienced, once it is recognized by the mind it is a thought.

Spend some time around the ocean is possible in the coming days, call and ask the Lady of the Lake to be by your side, see her rise up and stone with you, she is always waiting and will help at this time in your life.


Affirmation~ “Mother Goddess embraced, I am emotion realized.”


~Taken from the Liquid Crystals Oracle Deck



Can I just say WOW?!

I am so grateful for the messages these brilliant Devas are sharing with us at this very special time in our lives. As we prepare for this monumental sight to see, known as the total solar eclipse, happening with a total lunar eclipse, while the sun and moon are in both in Leo, I felt this message to my core! And with Blue Lace Agate showing up in the midst of it, I truly believe this is telling us: Speak! Share! But of course, after, we really take the time to sit with our feelings, acknowledging our emotions and honoring our truth within each of us very collectively as well as deeply intimately, it is then that we must to take action!

I have to share with you, I pulled the first two cards on Friday, for today. Sunstone was the card I pulled and Blue Lace Agate fell out with it. I put them aside to write this up later. I decided today I would pull again, being IN the energy of today just to see what what come out and it was Moonstone. When I shuffle these cards for a ‘card of the day’ reading, I am asking the Crystal Devas what messages they want to share with the collective at this time, I, in no way manipulated this pull, and how beautiful is this reading?! I just had to share all 3 cards, they all are so fitting for this eve of such an extraordinary event.

I am so very excited to witness and experience this Celestial event. How will you be spending your evening in preparation? Remember it is a new moon as well! Its a wonderful time to let go, let God, and manifest your greatest reality. I encourage you to take the time to be still, listen, feel, and write the thoughts and feelings that come to you down. The ones you want to keep, place under a Clear Quartz Crystal. Moonstone, Sunstone, and even Blue Lace Agate are helpful as well, which ever speaks to you deeply. The thoughts and habits you want to release? Burn them in a fire, releasing them to the ethers to take care of for you. Then take a moment to sit back and be still in gratitude and trust. Spend some time really feeling and visualizing your goals being met. Then, take actions steps toward your goals. Every day, inch by inch, step by step, trust in your Higher Self and in the Divine. You will reap your rewards with this practice.

I’d love to hear from you and how you plan to spend your day, plans for release and action below! Thank you so much for walking on this path with me, I am so incredibly grateful and honored to share with you.

  May you find the courage, strength, stillness and answers from Source… from self! And may you co-create the life you’ve dreamed of with purpose filled grace in action.

Namaste, my brothers and sisters,

Katie ♥


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