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Shadow Dancer

Your Gold is in the Shadows…

What is shadow work?

Shadow work is dealing with the emotions that have been pushed aside, shadow work is working through the programs that run in the unconscious mind, shadow work is looking at the skeletons in your closet.
Shadow work, in my eyes, is what it means to be a light worker – You can not be one without the other.
“Beneath the social mask we wear every day, we have a hidden shadow side: an impulsive, wounded, sad, or isolated part that we generally try to ignore.  The Shadow can be a source of emotional richness and vitality, and acknowledging it can be a pathway to healing and an authentic life.”

To shed light on the parts of us that we keep hidden from the world, the parts of us that we rather not look at, the parts of us that keep us small. I haven’t  always felt safe in the dark. It wasn’t until I realized it was the only place I could turn for the clarity I was seeing that I learned to appreciate when my shadows showed their teeth. Now I embrace the moments as a place to find calm in the darkness. I find the dark to be a place where peace is found, answers, and lessons. When I find myself in the dark, I know I’m on to something good, because I always surface with wisdom of my own. I know it may sound crazy, I but I have learned to love my shadows, and so can you…

 Hi I’m Katie, and I am a shadow healer. What does this actually mean and  why do I call myself a shadow healer?
For one, I call myself a shadow healer because when my clients come to me they are suffering in some way and looking for relief. Often my approach to healing and mentoring provides relief by helping people to understand their part in their own suffering and to develop new strategies to cope with their emotions. I give them tools to get in touch with the deeper parts of themselves that are seeking their attention.
These deep and often darker parts of ourselves have been denied oxygen, but they seethe underneath in the soul, yearning to be seen. They are the lies, the bullshit stories and falsities that we may have adapted and adopted along the way on our journey. We all have them, whether they came from our parents, teachers, peers, old lovers, or society.
Shadow Work is a practice that helps us to become whole again. It works on the premise that you must 100% OWN your shadows, rather than avoiding or repressing them, denying or projecting them, to experience a deep genuine healing.

In the shadow realm is where we find our GOLD.

When I look at my clients, whether they come to me for life coaching or mentoring, deep healing work such as chakra balancing and healing, or rich insights through past life regression, they almost always express how much of a mess they feel inside. Jumbled up mess of confusion. They are generally in fight or flight mode, not knowing which way to go, feeling scattered, ungrounded, and alone. They feel weird, awkward, singled out. And they’re tired, tired of running and tired of searching. I know that they are usually tired of their own shit. They know deep down within them they are meant for something more than mediocre.

When I look at you I see your deep potential. I see who you really are beneath the surface of all the shadows, the layers that cover the truth that lies within you. I see a masterpiece waiting to be surfaced, I see that shiny gem with many facets bursting to be carved, a muse waiting to be set and it’s rightful place.

I see your glittery goodness.

Underneath all of the confusion from past programming, emotions that have been buried, not dealt with and suppressed, there is a Goddess, a Warrior Spirit, aching to be set free from the chains in which one has been bound by conditioning.
My coaching is no cookie cutter, one and done type of application. I give tools and insights based upon your unique experience. I take the time to create a unique healing journey for each individual. Yes, these tools can be applied and make a difference in everyone’s lives, but I customize these experiences to fit where you are right now in the moment. This daunting and often scary task is a requirement of every human being, but you do not have to go at it alone.

I’m here to help you when you are ready.

Shadow Work should not be undertaken if you struggle with low self-esteem. Exploring your demons will likely make you feel a million times worse about yourself and may spiral into self-hatred. Before doing Shadow Work, I strongly and emphatically encourage you to work on Self-Love. Shadow Work should only be undertaken by those who have healthy and stable self-worth, and a friendly relationship with themselves. I offer guidance and healing in this area as well. Please contact me for a consultation here to get started on your personal path to healing today.
Shadow art creations by Diet Wiegman, Lantern art by  Anila Quayyam Agha

A Challenge to Overcome? Or a Gift for Integration…

A Challenge to Overcome? Or a Gift for Integration…

A friend of mine, Vito Mucci shares some really beautiful insights to ponder with us on the daily… one of his most recent posts was about how someone’s diagnosis is not so much of a challenge to overcome, but possibly more of a lesson or tool to be integrated.

I personally can attest to that. Just because I haven’t been clinically diagnosed with anything doesn’t mean I would receive a clean bill of health in the mental department. LOL In fact, I have had my share of ups and downs in my life, and have even been put on medication for ADD or ADHD as a child, been prescribed meds for anxiety and depression in my young adulthood, and pain pills for symptoms in my body that, on a soul level, were a cry out for love and attention.

Some of the things we carry (diagnosed, or otherwise) are not really as burdensome as they are perceived by the public eye. Due to the labeling, or diagnosing these symptoms are given, speaking from the medical standpoint, one may be diagnosed clinically insane! And in the view of impeccability, its nearly impossible to dodge this bullet completely. We are born in a world where everything is already decided for us on a societal level, whether we agree with it or not, we have had to adopt or adapt somehow to the proverbial “norm”. In actuality, or on a more multi-dimensional level of existence, an individual quite possibly is a highly sensitive and psychic human, dealing with major sensory overload. So, to me this says that our mental health, based on a clinical diagnosis, isn’t always what serves best for any given individual.

What would serve them, and all of us really, is to learn more about this phenomena and how these individuals perceive the world around them. We just might learn a thing or two. And if allowed, we can drop the label or sentencing of an “illness”, embrace the fact that we are all quite literally “insane” or “ill” to some degree.

What’s needed more is real attention, connection, and learning how to integrate these tools of each individuals personality. Some of which really are gifts, or abilities to sense non material phenomena around us. Not to say that medication isn’t helpful and needed at times, because they are, especially for an individual who has been so sensory overloaded they have lost a grip on all of the 3 dimensional reality. But, more seeking to understand the person, not the diagnosis, would be highly beneficial.

I believe a soul chooses to come in with certain challenges or abilities. From physical, mental or emotional disturbances… PTSD and depression, I would say are not an ability per say, but a backfire or a by-product of an ability, misunderstood. After all we are a product of our environment, and in the case where one is not embraced, encouraged and nurtured for their abilities, we can begin the process of self doubt, lies, false truths and programming which really started the moment we entered this world.

Being highly sensitive myself, I could easily have been put on medication on many occasions in my life for various reasons, as I mentioned above. We live in a time and a world where sensitivity is not necessarily cherished, appreciated, or embraced. Until now. I see it shifting quite a bit. I’m sure you have as well. People waking up and wanting to understand these things about their loved ones or of themselves.

Feeling more deeply than before, seeing things you maybe never saw before, hearing things that’s aren’t really there… smelling a scent that is not really around you… these are all sensitivities that we have innately as human beings. Even animals have them, they just don’t have the filters we do and the cognizance as we do. To be human is such a powerful gift in itself. We are some of the most powerful beings alive in our Universe and yet we use our power for what? We are the only animals on the planet that have the ability to speak. To spell. To cast spells. That subject is for another time… but think about it, we are so powerful! Moving on…

What’s weird to me is when I hear of people wanting to ‘one up’ other sensitive beings, claiming to have an ability or gift that they don’t. Ya sounds super weird but it does happen. It’s now like the new way of “keeping up with the Jones’s”, spiritual one upping. Or the shame that one may receive for claiming to hold a gift, that as well, to me is so weird. Why would one shame another for being sensitive? The ego is a powerful tool… another subject I’ll touch on one of these days…

We are all sensitive beings to some degree. Hence why I say we all could be considered insane, or ill, in one way, shape or fashion. So, the idea that people are now starting to compare sensitivities is just the way the pendulum swings… people wanting to be more sensitive then they are, which is truly beautiful to me. It means to me that you are ready to learn more about the unseen world around and IN you.

We can and will find a balance. I truly believe we are paving the forefront for our children, as our parents did for us. And our children’s children will be the ones that will benefit from the fruits of our labors. I hope to witness it in this lifetime. In the meantime, I encourage you to seek to understand more about yourself. Seek to love yourself more. Because when you love yourself, it’s so much easier to love others. Compassion comes naturally, service is a natural response, and it ripples outward, farther than you can see.

I love you.

Thank you Vito for the inspiration and sharing your wisdom and insights with us so freely.

Be the love you seek in the world


Be the love you seek in the world.

We all have heard the saying, and I’m pretty sure we all have been the recipient and the giver of random acts of kindness one timer another in life. But have you ever wondered just how deeply that your kindness has effected someone? It is the little things, after all, that really count on days when we want to throw our hands up with the “ah fuggits“, as my father in law calls them. Like helping someone carry supplies, or clean up a spill, sharing some loose change with a person who’s short a few cents in the check out lane. How often do we reach out to make a new friend? If not, why so? Or check in on an old friend to see how they are? Relationships make the world go round. These little notions are all in the service and light of Love.  ?


I was blessed to make a new friend today. I have new people asking to be my friends and connect every day, but this one was different, and timely. We quickly connected, engaged in a conversation, and it was meaningful, powerful, and heart felt. It all started just by sending me a meme wishing love an healing to m life. This person saw me for who I really am and shared their intuitive thoughts with me. I felt seen and heard. It deeply moved me to tears. ?

What this person didn’t know is that I woke up this morning feeling pretty bummed out, grumpy, fascinated with my kids and their morning rituals, or lack there of and still tired. ? I was not my best self this morning, being totally honest I was pretty stuck in a rut for a good minute there. Hey, I’m human, we all have those moments, let’s just keep it real. ?

“As Humans, being seen heard, and felt is so important for our human species. We truly are tender, fragile souls.”

This persons unexpected kindness, their perception of me shared from the heart, helped me to shift my own perception of myself. They took the time to share suggestions to help me, guided me through some really great exercises for clearing my energy, and to share in the oneness that we truly are… This lifted my mood, my energy and my gratitude back to where it belongs. I was in a state of happiness and joy. I was needing this interaction more than I realized. Being seen and heard is so important for our human species. We truly are gentle, fragile souls. More kindness is needed. True soul connections. Validation, Oneness vs Separation. In this type of interaction we find safety in being vulnerable, being real, and exchanging our light frequencies, and witness our divine connection to all.

We shared our gratitude for one another. I thanked them for showing up when they did, for just being there for me right when I needed it; You never really know how much that one small act of kindness can really go so far in another persons life… I have had the best day today! And I feel so full of peace, understanding and support from my guides. They sent me an angel to be a messenger of remembrance. Needless to say, I am grateful.

Kindness truly is so very powerful, doesn’t cost a dime, and is totally underrated. For everyone you touch, there is a ripple effect, so, as the saying goes, “Spread that shit like wild fire!” When Love shows up unexpectedly, it truly can change a persons whole day. Be the love you seek in the world.

Thank you to my dear new friend, I appreciate you, I see you too, and I thank you. Thank you Spirit for sending me an earth angel to remind me of my worthiness, my innate ability, truth.

Deep Inner Reflecting and Re-Calibrating our “Fun Scale”…

RE-Calibrating our “Fun Scale”

I’ve been playing with my logos on an app that’s pretty fun! I figured I would share them, why not?! What do you think? It’s fun, if anything, and that counts for something!

To say fun is important to me is an understatement.

Fun for this Aries sun, Gemini moon, is VERY important.

I used to gage what’s not in alignment with my truth by weighing it on my #funscale…not always accurate obviously, but at the time it made sense. I have learned over the years that I have been limiting my fun-ness! Here comes the “Deep thoughts, by Katie” moment…

First of all, my fun scale was relative to my emotions. Emotions are indeed a tool, or better yet, our inner compass, gaging if we are in alignment or if we are out of sync. Our emotions can be fickle, they shift often through out the day, especially if you’re a woman. Sometimes, our emotions can be deceiving. We may think they’re showing us “this is not in alignment with your truth” when indeed they may be saying “here’s an old wound that needs your attention”. We react to emotions, rarely creating them consciously on a regular basis but are known to do so from time to time when needed, such as pushing through a work shift, or if you’ve ever worked in customer service of any kind, We all have faked that smile, wanted to scream from between our teeth, but pushed through. (don’t lie, you know you’ve faked it occasionally too, we all do).

So, here’s a “fun” story.

One night, in conversation with my now husband, we were talking about our journey together thus far and how much we’ve grown as individuals… he really has an amazing self awareness. One of the things he exceeds me in is Face to Face conflict. Now this is a time that our emotions really may not be saying any truth, but ego is stepping in and protecting us from some kind of perceived harm. This is a good time for discernment with your emotions, not responding from them.

Until several years ago, I strayed away from what made me feel uncomfortable: difference of opinion, obscure perceptions, conflicts of interest or battles of the ego, calling someone out even if it was right and just, even sticking up for myself! Right before Ray came into my life, I was doing a lot of this work with my shadow self, owning where I didn’t speak my truth, in turn creating problems not only for myself but for others down the road, living in a lie I led myself into or my parents led me in, believing false teachings or projections of others pain, their emotions, to be my truth. I was not necessarily physically approaching these people that hurt me, but energetically releasing the blame and shame, and loving them, myself and the experience for the growth it provided me.

It’s no wonder I attracted a man such as Ray, he’s good at this stuff! And, we always seem to attract the teachers we need when we are ready, right? He helped me a lot with this process and continues to impress and inspire me with his ninja mind and “fun meter” skills.

Getting really clear about what it is in ourselves that we are seeking: not outwardly, but inward is really key. It’s not them, it’s me, or it’s not you, it’s them! This is part of radical self awareness and acceptance. This is part of being able to love ourselves, in turn, love everyone for who they really are.

So, back on track: He loves calling people out, and, get this, being called out! Weird, I know! It must be a Virgo thing, or something but this alone has fascinated me to no end about him… he really is a rare and unique breed, the unicorn male.

I, on the other hand, have leaned more toward avoiding situations like this pretty much my whole life. I avoided conflict like the plague. It’s always been so uncomfortable, frightening, and created even a PTSD like response to my system. Symptoms like this had wreaked havoc through out my life. Now I know that my “PTSD symptoms” are a red flag from my soul saying “look at me! Pay attention to this! I need attention here badly!” I have worked on really leaning into that space of discomfort instead, for quite some time now, and I slowly but surely have seen a shift. Where as I used to think “well, this is not in alignment with my truth”, and avoid it at all costs, I now take a step back and observe with curiosity. How does this tie into my fun scale? I’m getting there, I promise.

When in relationship, we can get triggered sometimes, (that’s essentially one of the major points of relationships) they can lead us to those sticky uncomfortable places. Ray has mastered his mind enough to where now He LOVES it! He’s having a blast, getting down to the nitty gritty of our past wounds and false beliefs, calling me out and pointing out my flaws and short comings… and I’m trying to resist curling up in a ball or hiding under a rock! Mind you, I can have the same conversation with someone else, but when it comes to talking about it with my husband, the man I love and adore, who I want to spend the rest of my life with, I want to hide? Why?!

Because part of me was afraid he wouldn’t love me if it were true. Isn’t this a sad truth we all more than likely have experienced at one time or another. Fear of truly being seen, and not being accepted and loved for who we really are. This is false.

I looked at him in disbelief, having feelings of being so incredibly vulnerable and perplexed by his “fun meter“?! Part of me was trying really hard to avoid my ego taking over, because I knew he was right! Where another part of me was really trying to hear him genuinely, from the Heart. I got defensive and hurt feelings, and proceeded to give him a dose of his own medicine,

“How do you like THAT, Mr. Wallen”

I thought to myself. HA! Then, of all the things, he says:

“This is really Fun!”

In all seriousness. I couldn’t believe it. And, I couldn’t help it. I burst into laughter, I about died. I laughed far too hard for someone who was having a deep intense conversation with their partner. Like belly rolling on the ground kind of laughter LOL.


I had a break through! After I let my triggered emotions subside, and I could digest what he was saying with a compassionate heart for him AND myself, I got it! And that felt really good! I said to him:

“You have a twisted way of looking at fun, if you think THIS is fun”.

Oy vey! He reiterated to me how Fun it really was (and still is) for him. I finally got it when he share his perception with me. Here’s Rays golden nugget, his reasoning and the truth that can be found in these sticky situations: It’s in these passionate, vulnerable conversations that:

A. We (our partner or person we are relating to) get to know the other better. Really, they help us get to know OURSELVES better!

B. Which helps us communicate better, getting to know each other’s deepest inner needs. Which: with an open heart and mind:

C. Always leads to growth! For us as individuals, and as a couple or partnership.

I had to sit back and think about that for a minute.

“Wow!” I was now laughing for a whole new reason! It really was fun! I am becoming crazy(er)?!

I thought, “not only does this guy truly thrive on TRUTH but he has mastered his ego AND his brain enough to where he can, in an instant, see the gift in every conflict, debate, or alternate perception. He really has learned to love this shi(f)t.”

What a trip. What a GIFT! So, maybe I had been looking at it all wrong?! Maybe…Fun is found in many places!? That too, is all just a shift in perception, right?!

It is SO fun when we hit a wall and see it for what it is, a challenge to be tackled, a chance to grow! Time to rise, climb, and shine, right?! It is so true! Growing is FUN, and fascinating, and fabulous, in all its painful aches and stretch marks. These are the places where the MAGIC can really begin to UNFOLD, our perceptions can SHIFT, we can see the AHAS and Epiphanies rolling through… WE BLOW OUR OWN MINDSWe blow those false beliefs about ourselves or about the world right on out of our brains. Rewriting, RE-WIRING, RE-Training, UN-learning, DE-programming to RE-program! YAY!

WE BLOW OUR OWN MINDS! We blow those false beliefs about ourselves or about the world right on out of our brains. Re-writing, REWIRING, Re-Training, UN-Learning, DE-Programming to RE-Program!


So, we invite you: Next time you’re thinking “Well, this sucks to no end” or “Omg, I am so frustrated!” switch that frustration to “FASCINATING!” Turn the ‘closed up’ program running your Brain into a moment to open up to WONDER. Even the “not so fun” things can become truly exciting moments of growth. And THAT is really FUN. This is by no means to say I will be giving up fun logo making, dancing, playing laughing and straight up being a goober for this new found kind of fun, not by ANY means! But I have widened my perspective on how to look at these stickier situations in life and I hope we have helped you along your journey too. That is also fun for me, and I do not plan on stopping that fun any time soon, either!

I wonder what you are pondering on this. Let us know what you think, or share an experience where you witnessed the shift in your own perceptions to more Truth and Freedom of thought in the comments.

Thank you so much, and Many Crystal Infused Blessings,

Katie & Ray 

Wednesday Weekly Wonder


Patience is key in many situations in both self and environment.  Unfortunately there is a whole generation of kids growing up with the high speed lifestyle that includes a need for an instant satisfaction that come with technology nowadays.  Things are missing from most lives.





We need to have more patience.

It is so very important.  As I sit at the airport I can’t help but think about when I was listening to the comedian Louis CK talking about the how everything is so amazing… but nobody is happy?!?!  He talks about how the internet has everyone backwards.  Give it a listen and remember these concepts the next time you are impatient with something or someone miraculous in your life.


Peace and Patience My Friends…



We have all been inspired by the saying ‘The Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness’ or ‘You Can’t Have The Good Without The Bad’ right?  Yeah Baby… Our beautiful lives are filled with these challenges of balance and seemingly contradictory yin-yang terms. Do you see the truth in this ebb and flow of life?  It is truly a wonder to contemplate this mind bending yet completely natural way of looking at everything around us.

Masculine and Feminine

Light and Dark

Day and Night

Micro and Macro

Positive and Negative

Yin and Yang

Alpha and Omega

Much of the language we use is interesting enough without the funny paradoxes that make us think deeply and wonder in awe at this complex life.  Could it be that the worst thing that could possibly be happening to you could be the best thing that ever happened to you?  Is it possible that we are individual yet we are all one?  Could the matter that makes up the smallest things be the same stuff that makes up the biggest things?  One mans trash is another mans treasure? Everything happens for a reason? Every choice results in a consequence?  The changing of the seasons?

One of my children will say ‘wow, that’s a long time’ or ‘that’s expensive’ and I will respond with ‘compared to what’?  This gets the young mind thinking.  Life is beautiful in a way that these brain spasm thoughts hold so much truth when pondered upon for long enough.  Short is defined by tall. In order for something to be good we must have things that are bad to compare them to.  And even this ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ are subject to opinions and perspective.  All around us is the wonder of life.  Harness these amazing thoughts and use them to your benefit for these are the things that you cannot change about this life.

-Ray Wallen CPC-


There is a concept that I share with my students regularly that I would like to share with you.  It is not a new concept by any means but it is told in a way that maybe, just maybe, it will stand the test of time with you and your mindset and daily routines.  Quite possibly even enough to share with others and help them as well.  It is something that I heard in a course I took over a decade ago.  When I remember this concept and the way it was told to me through this course it often helps me with BEing in charge of my day.  I have found over the years that the concepts that assist us through life are, for the most part, common sense and centuries old to say the least.  Sometimes it’s not the concept but the way it is shared, who it was shared by, and at what point in your life it was shared with you.  ALOHA !!!

Either you run the day or the day runs you.

-Jim Rohn

So you wake up in the morning and begin getting out of bed when you stub your toe on the bed post.  OUCH!  

Now the words that follow the toe stubbing ARE SO POWERFUL…  and the thoughts that accompany those words are the difference between BEing at cause or being at the effect of your day.  Nobody smiles when they stub a toe, unless it’s not theirs of course.  It’s not a happy feeling… and depending on our current state of mind we can easily bounce back to peace and love after a good toe stub, but for the most part this event is the beginning of a powerful string of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that will make or break us today.


And then you huff and puff along with your morning and with each step towards the closet you are aching in pain.  A pain constantly reminding you of the horrible event of the recent past.  Just as you’re getting over it you realize it’s time to put your shoes on and boom… this morning sucks so far.  Then the traffic.  Then the line at the coffee place. Then the rude boss.  Then the messed up lunch order.  Then the flat tire on the way home.  Then the cranky spouse.  When will this day ever end?  AND when it does end all you can remember is the toe stubbing and the traffic and the line and the bosses complaints and the messed up lunch and the flat tire and the cranky spouse. UGH.



And then you huff and puff along with your morning and with each step towards the closet your aching in pain.  A pain constantly reminding you of the horrible event of the recent past.  Just as you’re getting over it you realize it’s time to put your shoes on and boom… YOU’RE ALIVE AGAIN!!!  YOU HAVE JUST SET THE PRECEDENT OF YOUR ENTIRE DAY IN THAT MOMENT.  Same traffic. Same line at the coffee place.  Same rude boss.  Exactly the same Day until the end !!!  But wait… there was a lot of good things that happened too.  First you are alive and you proved it by stubbing your toe this morning and it was painful.  Second there was the new barista at the coffee place that, despite the long line, made you smile even though you don’t remember why.  Then you distinctly remember saying hello to a coworker that rides their bike to work everyday because they don’t have a car.  Then you realize that even though they messed your lunch up you still ate more than the homeless man sitting out front begging for leftovers.  AND SO MUCH MORE !!!  Etc. Etc.

If you maintained anger and frustration when you stubbed your toe all you can remember at the end of the day is the bad things that happened to you… unable to remember the good.  If you felt alive and maintained love for life and fascination when you stubbed your toe then you probably only remember the good things that happened to you that day… unable to remember the bad.  Same day.  Same stuff.  Same problems.  Same blessings.

Different Attitude.




“Happiness is not about what the world gives you – happiness is what you think about what the world gives you.”


This Google executive says he has the secret to happiness, a discovery he says was tested when his young son died suddenly on holiday.


Believe me when I say that this is not new news.  It is not a secret.  What this quote, video, concept, etc. brings to you and your thought process may seem like new news to you but if you think about it long and hard you will find numerous, and when I say numerous I mean like thousands upon thousands upon thousands, of times that you knew this already.  Whether your parents taught it during your upbringing, you learned it in some class in grade school, or it swivels around in your head when you have the choice, you know it already.  You have heard this concept many different ways.  Its relevance in our life is as simple as eating leafy greens and fruits regularly or brushing your teeth daily.   Everyone knows that right?  Brush your teeth.  Eat your veggies.

You can’t deny it.

Life happens.

Life happens to all of us.

BUT… for each and every one of us the shift in true consciousness, to actually brushing your teeth everyday or eating healthier OR… Choosing Happiness, can  be a simple quote.  Or maybe even a blog from some dude like me calling you out on your shit and posting some video of a high paid executive who’s lost his son and uses the same simple principles that YOU ALREADY KNOW to push through life happening to him.  Happiness is a choice My Friends.  Now of course I understand why it’s so hard.  I tell my clients all the time it’s ‘the easiest hardest thing to do’.  I know first hand because I used to be the same way.

And one day…

I watched a video about this concept…


Maybe this is yours !!!

The links in this blog are for the short video that was shared with me yesterday which inspired this WEDNESDAY WONDER.

Below is the full video… which is only twice as long.  Funny Right?!



Your brain – every brain – is a work in progress.  It is ‘plastic.’  From the day we’re born to the day we die, it continuously revises and remodels, improving or slowly declining, as a function of how we use it.

-Michael Merzenich

One thing that I teach regularly is that there is a huge difference between how THE brain works and how YOUR brain works.  The studies are endless that represent the uncovered characteristics of the human brain and how it works.  For as long as we have known of its’ existence we have wondered and studied about the amazing and powerful brain.  Sometimes referred to as the MIND, we are constantly in awe at the amazing abilities this organ has throughout our life span.  What is even more profound than how THE brain works is the concept of how YOUR brain works.  It is not the same as someone else’s.

Generally the functions of THE brain are identical throughout our species as well as other species.  With regards to human adults we can say that all of our brains work in similar fashions and have many identical and similar traits.  If you cut the human brain from the skull you will see that they have consistencies in size, weight, and other properties.  The right side and left side perform the same for all brains.  What we know about THE brain is consistent among all humans.  What I help others to realize is that how THE brain works and how YOUR brain works are two totally different things.

In the quote here from Michael Merzenich, at the very end, you see the word WE.  How WE use it.  Not how IT is.  Although our brains are the same physically, biologically, etc. they are not the same in the way that we are not all raised the same, we do not all have the same environment, we do not all have the same genetics or innate qualities, and our brains are not all subject to the same conditions and situations.  We have different aspirations and goals.  We have different likes and dislikes.  We are all different.  The daily practices that you maintain are not as easy for you as they are for someone else and visa-versa.  It’s our programming and conditioning, along with our genetics and astrology that make us individuals, and, as individuals we find that our brains are not the same.  Although all of our brains are similar in many ways they are actually very, very different.

It is important in life to know that all brains are a work in progress.  That although our brains are identical in many ways they are definitely not the same.  Understanding how THE brain works is powerful.  Understanding how YOUR brain works is even more powerful.  


I recommend to my clients to get a better understanding about who they are deep inside.  Beyond just a unique thinking human who like this sports team and who’s favorite food is… whatever.  Looking at your past ancestors, natal astrological charts, deep soul born passions, and much more will give you a much clearer picture of how YOUR brain works thus making goal acquisition, successful achievements, peace and harmony, and other things extremely attainable.  Learning about how YOUR brain works will allow you to rest easy when something that you are trying to achieve is a struggle when so-and-so just did it in two weeks.  Learning about how YOUR brains works will allow you to recognize and better relate to those that struggle with things that are simple for you.  All in all making the world a better place to live.


Here to serve…



“Anything I’ve ever said, I certainly was feeling at the time.”       -Eminem

Loving yourself with the concept of validating your own feelings, and the feelings of others, in every moment is quite a concept to wonder about.  Yes, FEEL!!!  Yes, surround yourself with people that accept your feelings and love you for expressing them blindly.  But do not forget about the power of the Mind.  Life is all communications.  We are constantly communicating through feeling and thought with ourselves, our family, friends, coworkers, and the other beings around us.  Words, tone, body language, telepathy, and cellular communications, are just a few of the ways that we communicate endlessly day to day.  Some say that through this process of non-stop communication we are trying to sell ourselves and others on our reality or, in other words, our feelings.  When we look closely we can see how our feelings can affect our languages deeply and, if not controlled, can ruin our ability to communicate for the good.

Can you recall a time when you were feeling so great that you gave something away for free…

…AND felt regret?

Can you remember a time when you felt so angry that you said something you shouldn’t have…

…AND felt regret?

We say what we are feeling.  We move through this life by our heart yet everything that comes out of our mouth passes through the brain prior to entering your world.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling as it is a beautiful experience to feel deeply and needed for a healthy experience here on earth.  Recognize that when you feel a certain way that your body changes, your demeanor and thoughts change, your tone changes, the way you communicate with others changes… so many changes happen when you feel.  Only in certain situations does the mind really process the words we say before they come out naturally.  Think of it like this… Once the words exist as a thought of yours they can then be processed by the brain prior to being spoken by ourselves.  At this point we can choose to let them fly or change them up a bit, or maybe not even say it at all.  There are also times when we speak without any thought at all, feelings fly straight from the heart.  There are times when emotion morphs into thoughts that enter our mind and rest there for a moment while we process them before actually speaking them, almost simultaneously.  Then there are also times when we can’t quite place the feelings we are having and need a more significant amount of time before speaking.   If ever speaking on them.  

Word-Tracking is a method of analyzing your thoughts as they arrive and looking at them for clues about the way you are feeling and how to move forward with the communication in front of you.  Practice this week allowing your words to go through a consciously created filter before being spoken to your world (yes that includes YOURself).  To be able to stand up tall and smile even though you are having a rough feeling.  To stand firm with your business plan even though you are feeling super generous at the moment.  To be so angry but consciously hold back your words as to give them some thought before you speak.  There are too many times in our lives when, with just a little bit of thought, we can better communicate with the world around us thus making it a better place to live.



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