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I have been seeing pictures of Rhodochrosite every where this week, so naturally I decided to grab my favorite piece to work with. This led me to the choice for the Crystal of the Week. There are so many crystals to choose from, seriously, sometimes its a challenge to make a decision of which to share next! So I love looking for signs from the Universe that guide me to creating these posts. This is part of why I don’t have a specific day I share the crystal of the week, but hey, the thought just occurred to me that maybe if a set a specific time, the Universe will provide. Because the universe ALWAYS provides! I’ll do my best to keep it Thursdays, hows that sound? 😉


I had my first experience with Rhodochrosite about a year ago when planning for a retreat I was attending. I was asked to create a bath salt, aura spray and a lip balm for this women’s retreat, all infused with my crystal essences, of course. I also was commissioned to come up with crystals to incorporate into a crystal grid for all the attendees, specifically geared toward harnessing the divine feminine powers within, and assisting in releasing any blockages one may incur in doing this work. During discussion with the retreat leader, she and I narrowed down, out of the 1000’s of crystal choices, those that best served the  women attending in stepping into their innate powers, and connecting with the divine feminine. Rhodochrosite is pricey penny, so purchasing a dozen for each sister was unfortunately not an option for the grid work, but I have the essence, which works fabulously in bath salts and product making. So, of course I wanted to get a little more intimate with this crystal ally. Upon connecting with it, I felt a warm sense of calm, combined with genuine love that resembled that of the descriptions of qualities the divine feminine exudes: Peace, comfort, love, protection, acceptance, a home like feeling. Like what it feels like to be wrapped in a warm cozy blanket and held by a sweet loving mother. Yeah, I got all that! It blew me away, and brought tears to my eyes. Now let me remind you that everyones experience with a particular crystal will vary slightly. Crystals work with us individually, on our own specific needs, but are geared to work in general categories of human necessities, just like essential oils. With that said, let me share with you some of the qualities and ailments this beautiful crystal can assist with.




As you may know, pink is the color-expression of love, virtually all pink stones have energies that relate to this central theme. In the case with Rhodochrosite, the love is geared first toward the self, specifically for the purpose of emotional healing. It assists us in doing the necessary work of recovery, reliving, and releasing the memories of ones emotional woundings. If there were moments in infancy, childhood or even past lives in which experiencing physical or emotional violence, severe shaming, or was otherwise thrown into a traumatizing emotional situation, the result can be a fixation of a portion of ones life-force energies at that point in time. In unreasoning panic, motivated by rational or irrational fear that ones survival is threatened, a person may make drastic compromises for survivals sake. Inner gifts, talents or contracts may be abandoned, repressed, or forgotten in an attempt to comply with the immediate demands of the outer situation. In addition to these direct losses, the energy it takes to keep the memories repressed can cause a serious drain on ones vitality.


Rhodochrosite works vibrationally to support self healing in these important areas. In meditation, or shamanic journeying, it can assist one in moving back in time for the recovering and reliving of the lost memories in order to releasing them for healing to truly begin. It can be used with affirmations or other rituals to release the memory and recover the energy that had been bound in this fixation or depleted. In some cases, certain traits or gifts can be remembered and brought back the into realm of the conscious self. Thus we find that ones gifts – that which makes us special and unique – may have been the very target of the wounds through which one lost touch with themselves. The healing of these types of wounds may be the most important inner process in ones life, because it allows one to reclaim the self one was born to be! Through its vibration of self-love and compassion for ones inner child, Rhodochrosite can be a valuable ally in such work.


Geared toward the heart chakra and solar plexus, Rhodochrosite softens the reliving of harsh experiences so that we may find the confidence to reclaim our inner power. I feel that in this doing, it also is working with the root chakra, healing the past wounds of our ancestors and family wounds that may have been passed on through our lineage. Rhodochrosite helps us to find the beauty in the darkest of situations we may once lived, and have not wanted to revisit, but gives us the courage to see through the pain and find the gifts that lie beneath the surface in the shadow self. When doing shadow work, it is vital that one sees the ultimate goal for doing such work is to find the golden nugget or keys to self mastery that wait for our recovery. These golden nuggets, or gifts that we all have uniquely, are part of our souls journey, and in bringing them to the light, we can then see that the darkness was merely the path way to our greatest expression of ourselves. I feel this actuality helps us to see that we must not fear the darkness, or the shadows with in us, but embrace them! They are that which drives us to our souls purpose. It is merely a rediscovery of the truths that were once buried within you. Rhodochrosite is also an excellent stone to use during soul retrieval and shamanic work. 


What an incredibly kind, wise and compassionate ally Rhodochrosite is. I encourage all of you to consider taking a deeper look with in the shadows of your soul. Within those shadows lies the greatest gifts that are innately yours to keep. It is not easy work, nor is it clean, it’s quite messy- full of tears, and fears, and doubts…but what is on the other side of our fears is nothing but our greatest peace, our greatest joy, right? Working with Rhodochrosite will soften the blows, holding you safe and close to the divine feminine essence that is so kind, so comforting, compassionate and warm. It is safe to dive deep in the arms of Rhodochrosite. Allow yourself the rewards of this vital work. And self care, self care, self care! With the element of fire and water, Rhodochrosite puts the fire in your belly, giving you the gumption to face the inner demons, and the water element to cool and soothe your senses so that one may not feel defeated in this deep work. I hope you find the golden nuggets that lie deep within your beautiful souls. There is no greater joy in life than that which comes from the power of living in your truth, with all its entirety. May she light the pathway for your heart to shine its brightest. You can purchase Rhodochrosite tinctures here to entrain more fully and deeply. Our Divine Goddess WithIN line is infused with this crystal energy as well, or there is always the option of a customized product just for you available.

Namaste my friends, Aloha, and so much sweetness to you all. Thank you <3


Katie Wise ACM/Reiki Master/Teacher 



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