2019 EMPOWERMENT BLEND – 1 fl oz.


Receive all 6 Tinctures for your 2019 Journey of Self Awareness and Personal Empowerment!

To support your cellular Reprogramming &🧬Ascension the whole year through, this Tincture has:⠀⠀
•Peach Moonstone
•Peach Selenite
•Red Coral

Descriptions of each can be found below.



Receive all 6 Tinctures for your 2019 Journey of Self Awareness and Personal Empowerment!

Available together or separate! 

  1. Crocoite: Its spiritual properties are solely for activating one to become a manifestation channel for divine light on the earth. Its opening of the heart assists one in releasing emotional baggage, patterns and imbalances. It helps one remain centered within the heart and present in the moment. It activates one to the frequency of Divine love and compassion. Physically, Crocoite clears and activates the root chakra, stimulating general health and vitality in the body.
  2. Red Coral which I have shared above just what a fabulous stone this is, but I’ll share a bit more: When you work with ocean energies, such as this stone holds, you will receive protection from negativity and evil influences. This stone will help you release unhealthy thoughts and emotions. It will help you dispel any ugliness or weakness that you may feel so that your inner self will transform anew. Coral will support you in your period of change and transformation. It will show you how you should value the past but not hesitate to embrace the future.
  3. Peach Moonstone supports the heart with love and activates the mind. Using peach moonstone assures that your relationship with yourself has never been sweeter. Get in tune with the essence of self-love and tap into the gentle energy of peach moonstone the next time you feel inclined to be hard on yourself. This stone puts an end to those downward thought spirals before they hit bottom. By infusing your heart and crown chakras with love, it eases the worries you have about how others perceive you by helping you to recognize your attributes and how trivial your minor flaws really are. It not only soothes anxiety, but the source of your anxiety and worry and it can guide you to release the mental trap of worry that can be a vicious cycle. Focusing on the light, even when all seems dark, is what moonstone is all about.
  4. Rhodochrosite helps one rediscover the sacred practice of play. Stimulates creativity and expression. Alignment to Love. The foremost ally in healing the inner child. It can help one feel more confident in using one’s will to create one’s reality. Physically, it is ideal for nervous-system imbalances. Offers energetic healing for the myelin sheath that protects the nerves. An excellent anti-anxiety and anti-stress stone to have on hand.
  5. Vanadanite: Helps one put spirit into action. It opens ones inner eyes to the myriad expressions of spiritual energy and can help one to see beauty in all things and all people.  It can help one feel adventurous, willing to take risks and break free of the expectations or strictures of others. Hello, Sovereignty!
  6. Peach Stilbite: the name comes from the Greek word meaning “to shine,” and that is exactly what this crystal urges you to do. The kind of support that a Stilbite crystal lends is almost parental in nature; it is unconditionally loving and emotionally grounding. It gives realistic insight with gentle vibrations. They are helpful for anyone who is experiencing grief or loss, as they have a loving, encouraging and healing heart based energy. This stone is beneficial to assist you to gain awareness of your life path, determine future plans and resolve issues concerning your future direction as it assists in decision making.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 6 in
2019 Crystal Empowerment Blend

$77 – all 6 separate vials, $33 – 1 single vial combo of all 6


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