Moon Beam Bath Bomb


Winter Solstice Full Moon & Mother Nature inspired ingredients to assist you in deeply connecting to the Celestial body, yourself and Heart felt inspired intentions. With coconut charcoal for detoxing the skin and body, Sage to cleanse the emotional palette, and Palo Santo & Sandalwood to uplift & arouse the Spirit. 

Essential oils of Sweet Orange, Palo Santo, Golden Rod, Lemon Grass, Cypress, Sage, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Patchouli, to name a few….to serve in the opening, purification and connection to our Lady Luna, leaving a sweet, warm, sultry fragrance to permeate your senses.



Moon Beam Bath Bomb

Filled with detoxifying and supportive essential oils, crystal infusions and coconut charcoal to cleanse, clear and purify your body, mind and spirit!

Crystals selected for this bath time beauty are as follows:

Black Kyanite – Helps protect the auric field from intrusion & can facilitate telepathy and transfer of energy.

Bloodstone – Instills Courage and assists one in taking the right action and stimulates the liver and endocrine system.

Chrysocolla – Assists in the release of stress, anxiety and other fear based imbalances. Can assist in the regulation of thyroid and adrenals.

Elestial Quartz – Aids in purifying the emotional body and preventing repetitive emotional patterns. Helps gain the knowledge of those unhealthy patterns.

Garnet – Helps soothe and heal the emotional body. Encourages self-respect and self-love.

Herkimer Diamond – Helps illuminate and clear the emotional body. Can assist in the removal of energetic cords, arrows or patterns. Helps purify and cleanse the body.

Moonstone, Of course! – Powerful for psychic awareness and intuition. Helps one sort through one’s emotions and have a higher perspective of their meaning or purpose. A traditional stone for attuning to the ebb and flow of the moon’s energy. Helps stabilize female cycles and male hormones.

Rhodochrosite – Ideal for nervous-system imbalances. Offers energetic healing for the myelin sheath that protects the nerves. Anti-anxiety and anti-stress stone. Helps one rediscover the sacred practice of play. Stimulates creativity and expression.

Ruby – Helps to perceive the spiritual energy that exists throughout the realm of matter, and offers lessons in mastering the transformation of thought and intent into physical manifestation. Ruby helps to release the physical imprint of past emotional trauma or physical abuse from the cellular record.

Other nature inspired ingredients in this black beauty are oils of sweet orange, palo santo, golden rod, lemon grass, cypress, sage, jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli, to name a few….leaving a sweet, warm, sultry scent to permeate your senses.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

1 Moon Beam Bath Bomb, 2 Moon Beam Bath Bombs, 3 Moon Beam Bath Bombs, 4 Moon Beam Bath Bombs


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