Sirian, Atlantean & Egyptian Empowerment Healing Meditation


Dive deep into your own Akasha to discover what’s truly holding you back, eradicate it with love and compassion. Soar high into your greatest expression to re-member who you really are and anchor that in to this time and place.


If any of your past lives involved power struggles, or misuse of power, there is often karmic patterns that cause disempowerment. This can be cleared, and I am going to walk you through this, as we deep dive into your own akashic records. πŸ“–

I invite you to visit the most significant life time, I will lead you there, where you have experienced the struggle of power, felt challenged with being seen or heard by those in power and authority, or shut down all together, stifling your mission. This can and will be unlocked during this event. πŸ”“

Often times those that resonate with the Sirian Galactic bloodline have had this experience in one lifetime or another, perhaps even in several. When we experience challenges or resistance in any given lifetime, and do not heal the wounds around them, they tend to follow us from one timeline to the next, until we face them and clear them. My plan is to assist you in doing so, with deep respect, gentleness and love. ❀️

Clearing these patterns sets you up for a more liberated self and future, to step into your own divine power, to express your genius and be recognized for your gifts, with grace and ease. πŸŽ†

Sirians were major players in Atlantis and therefore played a large part in the teachings of the Egyptian Era after the fall of that civilization. They tend to be uplifting people, full of hope for the future. They are very committed to planetary healing, are dedicated and service orientated. 🀲🏼

If you identify with or resonate as a Sirian or Atlantean, you more than likely carry blueprint codes for spiritual advancement! We need your gifts to assist the world in its awakening, and implantation of these higher frequencies. 🧬

Do you have recollections or resonance, dreams or visions of Egypt or Atlantis?
This is for You.

Even if you are unsure but feel pulled to investigate, I offer you this opportunity to gain insights and clarity. πŸ’‘

You are meant to live a ‘grounded in the physical’ kind of life, yet you are a ‘spiritually evolved beyond the 3rd dimension’ type of Soul! πŸ’«

It is time to relinquish the resistance, awaken to your true self, and set your Spirit free to FLY! πŸ¦…

Are you ready to do this, to Re-Member?!
Let’s do this, Together!! πŸ™ŒπŸ½

Thank you very much for your interest and resonance in this mission and event, please do invite others you feel would resonate and benefit from this experience.

πŸ’—- Katie Solaris Rising


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