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A Challenge to Overcome? Or a Gift for Integration…

A Challenge to Overcome? Or a Gift for Integration…

A friend of mine, Vito Mucci shares some really beautiful insights to ponder with us on the daily… one of his most recent posts was about how someone’s diagnosis is not so much of a challenge to overcome, but possibly more of a lesson or tool to be integrated.

I personally can attest to that. Just because I haven’t been clinically diagnosed with anything doesn’t mean I would receive a clean bill of health in the mental department. LOL In fact, I have had my share of ups and downs in my life, and have even been put on medication for ADD or ADHD as a child, been prescribed meds for anxiety and depression in my young adulthood, and pain pills for symptoms in my body that, on a soul level, were a cry out for love and attention.

Some of the things we carry (diagnosed, or otherwise) are not really as burdensome as they are perceived by the public eye. Due to the labeling, or diagnosing these symptoms are given, speaking from the medical standpoint, one may be diagnosed clinically insane! And in the view of impeccability, its nearly impossible to dodge this bullet completely. We are born in a world where everything is already decided for us on a societal level, whether we agree with it or not, we have had to adopt or adapt somehow to the proverbial “norm”. In actuality, or on a more multi-dimensional level of existence, an individual quite possibly is a highly sensitive and psychic human, dealing with major sensory overload. So, to me this says that our mental health, based on a clinical diagnosis, isn’t always what serves best for any given individual.

What would serve them, and all of us really, is to learn more about this phenomena and how these individuals perceive the world around them. We just might learn a thing or two. And if allowed, we can drop the label or sentencing of an “illness”, embrace the fact that we are all quite literally “insane” or “ill” to some degree.

What’s needed more is real attention, connection, and learning how to integrate these tools of each individuals personality. Some of which really are gifts, or abilities to sense non material phenomena around us. Not to say that medication isn’t helpful and needed at times, because they are, especially for an individual who has been so sensory overloaded they have lost a grip on all of the 3 dimensional reality. But, more seeking to understand the person, not the diagnosis, would be highly beneficial.

I believe a soul chooses to come in with certain challenges or abilities. From physical, mental or emotional disturbances… PTSD and depression, I would say are not an ability per say, but a backfire or a by-product of an ability, misunderstood. After all we are a product of our environment, and in the case where one is not embraced, encouraged and nurtured for their abilities, we can begin the process of self doubt, lies, false truths and programming which really started the moment we entered this world.

Being highly sensitive myself, I could easily have been put on medication on many occasions in my life for various reasons, as I mentioned above. We live in a time and a world where sensitivity is not necessarily cherished, appreciated, or embraced. Until now. I see it shifting quite a bit. I’m sure you have as well. People waking up and wanting to understand these things about their loved ones or of themselves.

Feeling more deeply than before, seeing things you maybe never saw before, hearing things that’s aren’t really there… smelling a scent that is not really around you… these are all sensitivities that we have innately as human beings. Even animals have them, they just don’t have the filters we do and the cognizance as we do. To be human is such a powerful gift in itself. We are some of the most powerful beings alive in our Universe and yet we use our power for what? We are the only animals on the planet that have the ability to speak. To spell. To cast spells. That subject is for another time… but think about it, we are so powerful! Moving on…

What’s weird to me is when I hear of people wanting to ‘one up’ other sensitive beings, claiming to have an ability or gift that they don’t. Ya sounds super weird but it does happen. It’s now like the new way of “keeping up with the Jones’s”, spiritual one upping. Or the shame that one may receive for claiming to hold a gift, that as well, to me is so weird. Why would one shame another for being sensitive? The ego is a powerful tool… another subject I’ll touch on one of these days…

We are all sensitive beings to some degree. Hence why I say we all could be considered insane, or ill, in one way, shape or fashion. So, the idea that people are now starting to compare sensitivities is just the way the pendulum swings… people wanting to be more sensitive then they are, which is truly beautiful to me. It means to me that you are ready to learn more about the unseen world around and IN you.

We can and will find a balance. I truly believe we are paving the forefront for our children, as our parents did for us. And our children’s children will be the ones that will benefit from the fruits of our labors. I hope to witness it in this lifetime. In the meantime, I encourage you to seek to understand more about yourself. Seek to love yourself more. Because when you love yourself, it’s so much easier to love others. Compassion comes naturally, service is a natural response, and it ripples outward, farther than you can see.

I love you.

Thank you Vito for the inspiration and sharing your wisdom and insights with us so freely.


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