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Be the love you seek in the world


Be the love you seek in the world.

We all have heard the saying, and I’m pretty sure we all have been the recipient and the giver of random acts of kindness one timer another in life. But have you ever wondered just how deeply that your kindness has effected someone? It is the little things, after all, that really count on days when we want to throw our hands up with the “ah fuggits“, as my father in law calls them. Like helping someone carry supplies, or clean up a spill, sharing some loose change with a person who’s short a few cents in the check out lane. How often do we reach out to make a new friend? If not, why so? Or check in on an old friend to see how they are? Relationships make the world go round. These little notions are all in the service and light of Love.  ?


I was blessed to make a new friend today. I have new people asking to be my friends and connect every day, but this one was different, and timely. We quickly connected, engaged in a conversation, and it was meaningful, powerful, and heart felt. It all started just by sending me a meme wishing love an healing to m life. This person saw me for who I really am and shared their intuitive thoughts with me. I felt seen and heard. It deeply moved me to tears. ?

What this person didn’t know is that I woke up this morning feeling pretty bummed out, grumpy, fascinated with my kids and their morning rituals, or lack there of and still tired. ? I was not my best self this morning, being totally honest I was pretty stuck in a rut for a good minute there. Hey, I’m human, we all have those moments, let’s just keep it real. ?

“As Humans, being seen heard, and felt is so important for our human species. We truly are tender, fragile souls.”

This persons unexpected kindness, their perception of me shared from the heart, helped me to shift my own perception of myself. They took the time to share suggestions to help me, guided me through some really great exercises for clearing my energy, and to share in the oneness that we truly are… This lifted my mood, my energy and my gratitude back to where it belongs. I was in a state of happiness and joy. I was needing this interaction more than I realized. Being seen and heard is so important for our human species. We truly are gentle, fragile souls. More kindness is needed. True soul connections. Validation, Oneness vs Separation. In this type of interaction we find safety in being vulnerable, being real, and exchanging our light frequencies, and witness our divine connection to all.

We shared our gratitude for one another. I thanked them for showing up when they did, for just being there for me right when I needed it; You never really know how much that one small act of kindness can really go so far in another persons life… I have had the best day today! And I feel so full of peace, understanding and support from my guides. They sent me an angel to be a messenger of remembrance. Needless to say, I am grateful.

Kindness truly is so very powerful, doesn’t cost a dime, and is totally underrated. For everyone you touch, there is a ripple effect, so, as the saying goes, “Spread that shit like wild fire!” When Love shows up unexpectedly, it truly can change a persons whole day. Be the love you seek in the world.

Thank you to my dear new friend, I appreciate you, I see you too, and I thank you. Thank you Spirit for sending me an earth angel to remind me of my worthiness, my innate ability, truth.


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