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Shadow Dancer

Your Gold is in the Shadows…

What is shadow work?

Shadow work is dealing with the emotions that have been pushed aside, shadow work is working through the programs that run in the unconscious mind, shadow work is looking at the skeletons in your closet.
Shadow work, in my eyes, is what it means to be a light worker – You can not be one without the other.
“Beneath the social mask we wear every day, we have a hidden shadow side: an impulsive, wounded, sad, or isolated part that we generally try to ignore.  The Shadow can be a source of emotional richness and vitality, and acknowledging it can be a pathway to healing and an authentic life.”

To shed light on the parts of us that we keep hidden from the world, the parts of us that we rather not look at, the parts of us that keep us small. I haven’t  always felt safe in the dark. It wasn’t until I realized it was the only place I could turn for the clarity I was seeing that I learned to appreciate when my shadows showed their teeth. Now I embrace the moments as a place to find calm in the darkness. I find the dark to be a place where peace is found, answers, and lessons. When I find myself in the dark, I know I’m on to something good, because I always surface with wisdom of my own. I know it may sound crazy, I but I have learned to love my shadows, and so can you…

 Hi I’m Katie, and I am a shadow healer. What does this actually mean and  why do I call myself a shadow healer?
For one, I call myself a shadow healer because when my clients come to me they are suffering in some way and looking for relief. Often my approach to healing and mentoring provides relief by helping people to understand their part in their own suffering and to develop new strategies to cope with their emotions. I give them tools to get in touch with the deeper parts of themselves that are seeking their attention.
These deep and often darker parts of ourselves have been denied oxygen, but they seethe underneath in the soul, yearning to be seen. They are the lies, the bullshit stories and falsities that we may have adapted and adopted along the way on our journey. We all have them, whether they came from our parents, teachers, peers, old lovers, or society.
Shadow Work is a practice that helps us to become whole again. It works on the premise that you must 100% OWN your shadows, rather than avoiding or repressing them, denying or projecting them, to experience a deep genuine healing.

In the shadow realm is where we find our GOLD.

When I look at my clients, whether they come to me for life coaching or mentoring, deep healing work such as chakra balancing and healing, or rich insights through past life regression, they almost always express how much of a mess they feel inside. Jumbled up mess of confusion. They are generally in fight or flight mode, not knowing which way to go, feeling scattered, ungrounded, and alone. They feel weird, awkward, singled out. And they’re tired, tired of running and tired of searching. I know that they are usually tired of their own shit. They know deep down within them they are meant for something more than mediocre.

When I look at you I see your deep potential. I see who you really are beneath the surface of all the shadows, the layers that cover the truth that lies within you. I see a masterpiece waiting to be surfaced, I see that shiny gem with many facets bursting to be carved, a muse waiting to be set and it’s rightful place.

I see your glittery goodness.

Underneath all of the confusion from past programming, emotions that have been buried, not dealt with and suppressed, there is a Goddess, a Warrior Spirit, aching to be set free from the chains in which one has been bound by conditioning.
My coaching is no cookie cutter, one and done type of application. I give tools and insights based upon your unique experience. I take the time to create a unique healing journey for each individual. Yes, these tools can be applied and make a difference in everyone’s lives, but I customize these experiences to fit where you are right now in the moment. This daunting and often scary task is a requirement of every human being, but you do not have to go at it alone.

I’m here to help you when you are ready.

Shadow Work should not be undertaken if you struggle with low self-esteem. Exploring your demons will likely make you feel a million times worse about yourself and may spiral into self-hatred. Before doing Shadow Work, I strongly and emphatically encourage you to work on Self-Love. Shadow Work should only be undertaken by those who have healthy and stable self-worth, and a friendly relationship with themselves. I offer guidance and healing in this area as well. Please contact me for a consultation here to get started on your personal path to healing today.
Shadow art creations by Diet Wiegman, Lantern art by  Anila Quayyam Agha


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