Guiding you to the joy within and without, with Peace, Love, and Understanding.


-Two years ago I went through one of the most challenging experiences of my life going through a divorce from my wife of 11 years.  My world was obliterated.  I was disconnected and stagnant; unable to find my joy or motivation to move on.  Working with Ray helped me regain the confidence and strength to move forward.  Beyond a life coach, Ray was an amazing friend who was able to hold space during my darkest moments to help me see the light.  I honestly couldn’t tell you where I would be without this wonderful human.



-The purifying positivity spray was an instant hit with my whole family! The package arrived super fast and was prepared with such care it was a treat to open!  Thanks so much!



-Katie is amazing, can’t recommend her enough.  She gave me a mini check up, found a chakra out of balance, opened that and then scanned the rest of me using her Reiki and found that I had knee problems, which I hadn’t mentioned to her.  She discovered that on her own.  Katie is very sweet, very knowledgeable and the whole experience was wonderful.  I’ll be calling on her again. By the way, my knees haven’t bothered me since!  Thanks Katie <3



-Feeling fantastic after the singing bowls meditation.



-Katie and Ray are incredible people who you just want to get to know. This, in my opinion, is the essence of what makes a good business great.



-Katie & Ray are the dynamic duo bringing healing, knowledge, empowerment and comfort in everything they do. The crystal bowl sound healing session blew me away, I’ve never experienced anything like it. Make it a must on your bucket list. Learning about the power of the mind and the power of crystals has changed my practice for the better, I highly recommend learning more. Integrating these things in my daily life has made me feel better and more confident. Thank you Solaris Rising for what you have given me, these tools will last many lifetimes. Until we meet again.



-I can’t be more pleased with their products.  Truly healing and effective.



-These body products are now my favorite and most frequently used for their healing, nourishing and uplifting qualities.  I absolutely love the “Purifying Positivity Spray,” and love to spray it in my music recording room to clear the air and make way for divine inspired music to come through.  The “Tension Taming” Lotion feels amazing and really seems to penetrate and relax my muscles.  The KoKo lip balm is just divinely delicious smelling- I keep it with me wherever I go!  What a wonderful thing that all the body products contain crystal essences!!  I can feel the love and healing intention that goes into these products. Mahalo nui!!  Thank you so much Katie!



-I know these two personally and love the aloha they place into the sacred through their actions and intentions. These products are healing, and I am excited to help share Enlightened Remedies with the world! All the best, Ray and Katie!



-I’m so happy I discovered this site. Its everything I believe in. I can’t wait to meet you. Many Blessings to you.



-Great people! Amazing vibes you get from them!!! I’m obsessed with my lip balm



-Tonight’s Crystal Bowl Sound Healing was such an incredible experience!!  Katie, you are so good at what you do, it really comes through how passionate you are about healing! I felt so comfortable in the room, I surprised myself that I shared how emotional it was for me! I walked away with so much unwanted weight lifted off of me, and so many realizations to ponder. Looking forward to the next one! Thank you!  Love you guys!

-So I am a person whom suffers from night terrors. If you have ever experienced one of them you know what it can be like. The other night I had a terrible one. One of my best friends/neighbors happened to come across me right after. She let me borrow the purifying positivity spray. I sprayed it around my room and on my pillow. It was amazing. My heart stopped pounding and my my mind seemed to ease. I eventually was able to drift into a comfortable sleep. This is the first time I have been able to recover from a night terror so completely and so swiftly. I can not begin to express my gratitude and thanks.



-We did [an energy clearing] at our suites at the studio. Katie is a friend I have known for years. She is a Certified Crystal Healer. She did a whole ceremony for us. Call her.  She is totally the real deal. Whether she does the home or teaches you it will be worth the message. I mean look at our success.
-We met at the recent healing arts show, and I purchased the little travel size spray. On first few squirts, the sprayer nozzle quit working, and my girlfriend called you guys. I was amazed to receive a FULL BOTTLE at my office this morning! Thanks so much! All I was hoping for was the top nozzle.
I already use and recommend your service and products, but will continue to do so even more. Thanks a bunch.-CHRIS L.


-I purchased the Purifying Positivity Spray for use in my home. I recently moved and pulled quite a bit of furniture out of a storage unit. When this furniture went in to storage nearly five years ago I was not well. I had no doubt that the furniture retained the energy of the desperation and hopelessness I experienced during that time. It did and using this spray worked like a charm. It both cleared the negative and brought in a light wind of positivity. Even my dog, Sammy, loves it. She dances when I spray it. Not kidding. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to clear or cheer a space. Thank you Katie and Solaris Rising. This spray made a potentially painful experience positive!





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